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All the routes from chapter 16 of Peak Rock. You'll need to be some kind of Jedi gritstone master to tick this one! Routes from Fawcett (Masters Edge E76b), Moffatt (Ulysses E66b), Jonny Woodward (Beau Geste E76b), Nick Dixon (A Fist Full of Crystals E66b), John Allenn (Shirley's Shinning Temple E57a), Mark Leach (Screaming Dream E77a), Simon Nadin (Art Nouveau E66c, Thing on a Spring E67a, Dangerous Crocodile Snogging E76c and Paralogism E76c) and last but not least Johnny Dawes (Silk E66c, The Brail Trail E76c, Kaluza Klien E76c, Gaia E86c and The End of the Affair E86c).

Contemplation  © LucaC
© LucaC, Dec 2022

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Top 12 photos of this hilllist

Almost There. Johnny Woodward on FA of Beau Geste March ?? 1982

Beau Geste
Almost There. Johnny Woodward on FA of Beau Geste March ?? 1982
© chris_jackson

The 'Classic' Shot of Paralogism

The 'Classic' Shot of Paralogism
© andi turner

Michele Caminati, Gaia, Black Rocks, Derbyshire

Michele Caminati, Gaia, Black Rocks, Derbyshire
© Paul B

A tough nut placement

A tough nut placement
© Will Rupp

Jim Lear on Barriers in Time E6 6b at the roaches

Barriers in Time
Jim Lear on Barriers in Time E6 6b at the roaches
© Mike Hutton

Falling from the top groove on Janus E7

Falling from the top groove on Janus E7
© Will Rupp

15-year-old Toru Nakajima climbing Gaia

15-year-old Toru Nakajima climbing Gaia
© alex ekins

Mat Wright climbing “Paralogism” (E7 6c)

Mat Wright climbing “Paralogism” (E7 6c)
© Anna Taylor

And his Shadow said "stuff this for a game of soldiers, I'm going home"

And his Shadow said "stuff this for a game of soldiers, I'm going home"
© Bunchuk

Ethan Walker climbing Janus on a beautiful autumn day.

Ethan Walker climbing Janus on a beautiful autumn day.
© Jonathan Bean

paul on neverneverland

Never, Never Land
paul on neverneverland
© EricpAndrew

Gus all out on Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau
Gus all out on Art Nouveau
© davidj

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
One Step Beyond E6 6b *** 16 20m Curbar Edge
The Shape of Things to Come E6 6b ** 11 16m Curbar Edge
Moonshine E5 6b *** 41 13m Curbar Edge
Cool Moon E7 6c *** 44 12m Curbar Edge
White Lines E7 6b *** 9 13m Curbar Edge
White Water E6 6c ** 24 7m Curbar Edge
Committed E6 6b ** 50 8m Curbar Edge
King of the Swingers E5 6c ** 7 9m Curbar Edge
Ulysses or Bust E5 6b *** 70 8m Curbar Edge
The End of the Affair E8 6c *** 74 14m Curbar Edge
Janus E7 6b *** 21 18m Curbar Edge
Crack and Slab E7 6c * 5 12m Curbar Edge
The Fall E6 6b ** 16 16m Curbar Edge
Happy Hart E8 7a * 1 18m Curbar Edge
Moon Madness E7 6c * 3 12m Curbar Edge
Knockin' on Heaven's Door E9 6c *** 14 18m Curbar Edge
Pulsar E5 6c 3 ? Higgar Tor
Antithesis E5 6b *** 5 14m Roaches Upper Tier
Painted Rumour E6 6a *** 19 24m Roaches Upper Tier
New Fi'nial E6 6b ** 2 28m Roaches Upper Tier
Paralogism E7 6c *** 19 14m Roaches Upper Tier
Barriers in Time E6 6b *** 34 16m Roaches Lower Tier
A Fist Full of Crystals E6 6b *** 11 12m Roaches Lower Tier
Bloodstone E5 6b ** 10 18m Roaches Lower Tier
Bloodspeed E6 6b ** 3 18m Roaches Lower Tier
Destination Earth E7 6b ** 2 12m Roaches Lower Tier
Doug E8 6c ** 3 12m Roaches Lower Tier
Thing on a Spring E6 7a *** 4 20m Roaches Lower Tier
Against the Grain E6 7a *** 4 20m Roaches Lower Tier
K.P. Nuts E7 7a * 1 10m Roaches Lower Tier
Script for a Tear E6 6c * 9 7m Roaches Skyline
Art Nouveau E6 6b *** 31 6m Roaches Skyline
Nosferatu E6 6b *** 299 12m Burbage South Edge
Braille Trail E7 6c *** 17 10m Burbage South Edge
Messiah E7 6c *** 20 10m Burbage South Edge
Offspring E5 6b *** 55 10m Burbage South...
Masters of the Universe E7 6c ** 26 ? Burbage South...
Living in Oxford E7 7a ** 6 10m Burbage North
West Side Story f7B+ *** 347 ? Burbage West
Mean Streak E6 6b ** 25 12m Froggatt Edge
Beau Geste E7 6c *** 27 14m Froggatt Edge
Jugged Hare E6 6a * 32 14m Froggatt Edge
Benign Lives E7 6c ** 74 8m Froggatt Edge
Screaming Dream E7 6c ** 6 6m Froggatt Edge
Toy Boy f7C+ * - 15m Froggatt Edge
Velvet Silence E6 6c *** 35 8m Black Rocks
Gaia E8 6c *** 33 20m Black Rocks
Saucius Digitalis E4 6a *** 27 12m Shining Clough
Paranoid E6 6b * 9 14m Stanage Popular
Ulysses' Bow E6 6b *** 70 20m Stanage Plantation
The Crypt Trip E6 6c *** 54 20m Stanage North
Heath Robinson E6 6b *** 6 16m Stanage North
Saltation E5 6c 2 ? Stanage North
Weather Report E6 6c ** 28 10m Stanage Plantation
Silk E5 6c *** 35 10m Stanage Plantation
Sad Amongst Friends E7 7a ** 3 8m Stanage Popular
Skidoo E6 6b * 5 12m Stanage Plantation
Boys Will Be Boys E6 6b ** 10 10m Stanage Plantation
Grace and Danger E6 6c ** 8 14m Stanage Plantation
Indian Summer E6 6c ** 5 22m Stanage Plantation
Shirley's Shining Temple f7C *** 12 10m Stanage Plantation
Chip Shop Brawl f7A+ *** 50 12m Stanage North
Careless Torque f8A *** 17 ? Stanage Plantation
Scritto's Republic E7 6c ** 18 16m Millstone Edge
Monopoly E7 6b ** 31 20m Millstone Edge
Wall Street Crash E5 6b ** 25 20m Millstone Edge
The Master's Edge E7 6c *** 71 18m Millstone Edge
Adam Smith's Invisible Hand E6 6b ** 13 20m Millstone Edge
Perplexity E6 6b *** 31 24m Millstone Edge
Clock People E6 6c * 2 14m Millstone Edge
Meeze Brugger E5 6b * 8 14m Millstone Edge
Winter's Grip E6 6b ** 12 17m Millstone Edge
Master of Reality E6 6c *** 24 12m Hen Cloud
Mindbridge E7 6c * 1 12m Hen Cloud
Parallel Lines E6 6c * 1 14m Hen Cloud
B4, XS E7 6b *** 6 24m Hen Cloud
The Salmon E7 6c * 13 12m Bamford Edge
Charlotte Rampling E6 6b ** 21 10m Gardom's Edge
Make it Snappy E6 6b *** 45 13m Gardom's Edge
Spanish Fly E7 6c ** 6 15m Gardom's Edge
Lost World E6 6c ** 20 ? Carl Wark
One Chromosome's Missing E7 6b *** 11 18m Harston Rocks
New Mediterranean E5 6c ** 18 9m Rivelin Edge
Kaluza Klein E7 6c *** 45 ? Robin Hood's...
Dharma E7 6c *** 28 27m Duke's Quarry
The Children's House E5 6c * 3 28m Cratcliffe Tor
Dangerous Crocodile Snogging E7 6b *** 21 10m Ramshaw Rocks
Never, Never Land E7 6b *** 33 12m Ramshaw Rocks
Neptune's Tool E6 6c *** 5 20m Wimberry Rocks
Appointment with Fear E7 6b *** 8 24m Wimberry Rocks
Berlin Wall E6 6c ** 1 24m Wimberry Rocks
Wristcutter's Lullaby E6 6c *** 1 22m Wimberry Rocks
Scoop de Grace E5 7a *** 2 12m Running Hill Pits
Stall E5 6c 3 8m Gib Torr
557 e, 213 stars 2,436 1,273m 94
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