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Same theory as Western Peak Grit 100 VD-VS's, see also Stanage and Northern Peak grit 100 VD-VS.

Adam on Trapeze Direct  © PontiusPirate
Adam on Trapeze Direct
© PontiusPirate, Jun 2009

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Top 12 photos of this hilllist

It doesn't get any easier with age! Climber topping out on Cioch Crack.

Cioch Crack
It doesn't get any easier with age! Climber topping out on Cioch Crack.
© highaltitudebarista

Catching the winter sun

Diamond Crack
Catching the winter sun
© li'l Kath

Green Gut, Froggatt

Green Gut
Green Gut, Froggatt
© highlux

Andi climbing Birch tree wall (vs 5a) at Black Rocks

Birch Tree Wall
Andi climbing Birch tree wall (vs 5a) at Black Rocks
© laxi

"Pensioner's at play" he said

Trafalgar Wall
"Pensioner's at play" he said
© Josh Willett

Adam on Trapeze Direct

Trapeze Direct
Adam on Trapeze Direct
© PontiusPirate

Sankey on P.M.C.1 (HS 4a) at Curbar

Sankey on P.M.C.1 (HS 4a) at Curbar
© Sankey

John Stainforth on Bel Ami (VS), Curbar, April 1969

Bel Ami
John Stainforth on Bel Ami (VS), Curbar, April 1969
© Gordon Stainforth

Ben White eyes the halfway break on 'Apple Arete' at Gardoms.

Apple Arête
Ben White eyes the halfway break on 'Apple Arete' at Gardoms.
© Adam Peel

Lone Tree Groove, Cromford

Lone Tree Groove
Lone Tree Groove, Cromford
© Steve Ashton

Steve - The Attack of The Flying Ants! Potter's Wall, Curbar

Potter's Wall
Steve - The Attack of The Flying Ants! Potter's Wall, Curbar
© Mike Lee

Julia Baron on apple arete

Apple Arête
Julia Baron on apple arete
© Gareth H

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Birch Tree Wall VS 4c *** 676 20m • 2 Black Rocks
Lean Man's Climb VS 5a *** 327 22m Black Rocks
Lone Tree Groove VS 5a ** 709 18m Black Rocks
Mast Gully Buttress VS 5a * 294 12m Birchen Edge
Wall Climb VS 5a ** 738 9m Curbar Edge
Downes' Crack VS 5a * 144 11m Froggatt Edge
Calver Wall VS 5a * 665 8m Curbar Edge
Lean Man's Superdirect VS 5a *** 127 20m • 2 Black Rocks
Sand Buttress VS 4c *** 457 22m Black Rocks
Hawk's Nest Crack VS 4c *** 2211 12m Froggatt Edge
Topsail VS 4c ** 4021 12m Birchen Edge
Camperdown Crawl HS 4c ** 2907 14m Birchen Edge
Two Pitch Route VS 5a ** 188 24m • 2 Curbar Edge
Amber Arête VS 4c ** 265 13m Turningstone Edge
The Brain VS 4c *** 636 20m Curbar Edge
Gardom's Unconquerable VS 4c ** 265 14m Gardom's Edge
Chequers Climb VS 4c ** 290 20m Froggatt Edge
Undertaker's Buttress VS 4c ** 249 22m Gardom's Edge
The Crow's Nest VS 4c ** 1425 14m Birchen Edge
Trapeze Direct VS 4c * 3596 12m Froggatt Edge
Black Crack VS 4c ** 57 10m Black Rocks
Plumbers Corner VS 4c ** 125 20m Shining Cliff
Holly Groove VS 4c * 695 12m Froggatt Edge
Roger the Cabin Boy VS 4c * 227 ? Birchen Edge
Apple Arête VS 4b *** 2033 18m Gardom's Edge
Nelson's Nemesis VS 4b *** 1219 16m Birchen Edge
Cioch Crack HVS 5a ** 277 11m Curbar Edge
Queen's Parlour Slab VS 4b ** 140 16m Black Rocks
Oread VS 4c ** 304 16m Gardom's Edge
Bel Ami VS 4b *** 1557 20m Curbar Edge
Porthole Direct VS 4c ** 1963 12m Birchen Edge
Terrace Crack HS 4b ** 3025 12m Froggatt Edge
The Long Promenade HS 4b * 75 50m Birchen Edge
Owl's Arête VS 4b * 876 15m Curbar Edge
Nelson's Slab HS 5a * 1029 14m Birchen Edge
Sunset Crack HS 4b ** 5640 12m Froggatt Edge
Slab Recess Direct HS 4c * 3181 14m Froggatt Edge
Captain's Prerogative HS 4b * 1220 12m Birchen Edge
Powder Monkey Parade S 4b ** 2607 16m Birchen Edge
Stonnis Crack VS 4b ** 552 10m Black Rocks
Janker's Crack HS 4b * 952 10m Froggatt Edge
Diamond Crack HS 4b ** 2919 8m Froggatt Edge
Potter's Wall HS 4b ** 623 10m Curbar Edge
Sail Buttress HS 4b ** 3224 14m Birchen Edge
Victory Crack HS 4b * 1183 14m Birchen Edge
Captain's Bunk HS 4b * 1102 12m Birchen Edge
Elliott's Buttress Direct HS 4b ** 800 25m Gardom's Edge
P.M.C.1 HS 4a *** 2266 15m Curbar Edge
Green Gut HS 4a *** 4604 14m Froggatt Edge
Cider Apple HS 4a * 366 18m Gardom's Edge
Trafalgar Wall S 4b ** 3492 12m Birchen Edge
Sail Arête S 4b ** 259 12m Turningstone Edge
Emma's Dilemma S 4a * 2240 14m Birchen Edge
Grey Slab S 4b * 966 12m Froggatt Edge
Bulldog Crack S 4b * 132 10m Curbar Edge
Sail Chimney S 4a ** 1674 14m Birchen Edge
Cioch Wall S 4a ** 150 12m Curbar Edge
Allen's Slab S 4a ** 2614 16m Froggatt Edge
Horatio's Horror HS 4a ** 745 14m Birchen Edge
Lone Tree Gully S 4b ** 754 14m Black Rocks
Stonnis Arête S 4a ** 279 30m Black Rocks
Elliott's Crack S 4a * 177 10m Gardom's Edge
North Climb S 4a * 134 10m Cratcliffe Tor
Cave Crack S 4b ** 135 12m Chatsworth Edge
Flying Buttress S 4a * 722 12m Curbar Edge
Lookout Arête S 4a * 393 12m Birchen Edge
Slab Route S 4a 519 9m Curbar Edge
North Climb S 4a * 1821 12m Froggatt Edge
Sickle Buttress S 4a * 1616 12m Froggatt Edge
Giant's Staircase S 4a * 402 14m Gardom's Edge
Swimmer's Chimney S 4b * 307 12m Froggatt Edge
Buckle's Sister HVD 4a * 118 7m Curbar Edge
The Chain S 4a * 1081 12m Birchen Edge
Vee Chimney S 4a ** 23 12m Turningstone Edge
Central Buttress HVD 3c *** 346 24m Black Rocks
Heather Wall HVD 3b *** 6464 16m Froggatt Edge
N.M.C. Crack HVD 4a *** 1480 18m Gardom's Edge
Alpha S 4b * 257 12m Curbar Edge
The Bat House HVD * 45 12m Shining Cliff
Emma's Temptation HVD 4c * 2002 14m Birchen Edge
Trafalgar Crack VD 4a * 3926 14m Birchen Edge
Brown Crack S 4a * 142 18m Gardom's Edge
Emperor Flake Climb VD ** 362 12m Chatsworth Edge
Owl Gully VD * 207 20m Cratcliffe Tor
Apple Crack VD * 757 ? Gardom's Edge
Monument Chimney D * 1023 14m Birchen Edge
Byne's Crack S 4b ** 66 15m Gardom's Edge
Gamma VD 2703 12m Froggatt Edge
Kiss Me Hardy HVD 4a * 929 12m Birchen Edge
The Cave Gully VD * 70 8m Baslow Edge
Solomon's Crack VD * 991 12m Froggatt Edge
Trapeze VD ** 2788 14m Froggatt Edge
Gun-Cotton Groove VD * 670 12m Birchen Edge
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