The Ireland Wall - Heretic and The Good Book
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Unticked E1-E5 *** ticklist

contributed by Andy Moles Jul/15

This list is intended as an antidote to 'Top 50' style ticking - routes that come with the highest recommendation, but which have no logged ascents on UKC. A source for some off-the-beaten-track inspiration. Some of these may need cleaning, some may have access issues, and some may in fact be rubbish, but there's only one way to find out. Go exploring...

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This Timeless MomentE2 5b ***-50mNorth Head
SuperfluityE3 5c ***-45mOtter's Head
Sworn to SecrecyE3 6a ***-?Mucklabrek
Eric the DeadE2 5c ***-?Mucklabrek
148 Beats Per MinuteE2 5c ***-25mDandi Geo
Shetland SilvercraftE2 5c ***-15mNibon
Tystie CrackE2 5c ***-45mNibon
Local AnaestheticE2 5b ***-20mNibon
Navir-Navir LandE4 6b ***-?The Grind of Navir
Navir DirectE5 6b ***-?The Grind of Navir
Cave CrackE5 6a ***-40mEshaness Lighthouse
The AuguristE1 5a ***-40mFaither: Arch Wall...
Dream TipperE3 6a ***-22mYesnaby
Storming the BridgeE5 6a ***-12mYesnaby
Old Head RouteE2 5c ***-?Tomb of the Eagles...
MalaiseE1 5b ***-?Deerness, Gearsan...
Heathen's DoorE3 6a ***-?Neave Island
EleutheriaE5 6a ***-40mPort Vasgo
Top CrackE3 6a ***-23mBen Loyal
In DenialE3 5a ***-?Faraid Head
Sea FuryE2 5b ***-?A' Chailleach
Exploring the CosmosE2 5b ***-?Cosmic Crag
Gulls Just Wanna Have FunE1 5b ***-?Rubha na Leacaig
Crack of DestinyE1 5b ***-?Creag Mhic Ghriogair
Harbour WallE1 5b ***-?Creag Mhor
Fantabulous FlakeE1 5c ***-?Tarbet Sea Cliffs
Omission ImpossibleE2 5c ***-?Culkein Stoer -...
Grin and GoE4 6a ***-?Creag Chlais nan...
Mad Dogs and EnglishmenE3 5c ***-25mReiff - Rubha...
The Return of the HerringE5 6a ***-?Reiff - Roinn a'...
The StonkerE1 5b ***-?Reiff - Stone Pig...
The Stonker DirectE3 5c ***-?Reiff - Stone Pig...
Expecting to Fly DirectE5 6a ***-?Stac Pollaidh
Green GoblinE4 6b ***-?Camas Point
"Show us yer Minch"E2 5c ***-20mTanera Beag
Sorry RobertE2 5c ***-25mTanera Beag
Windy Arch HoleE1 5b ***-25mTanera Beag
Big FlapperE5 6a ***-?Jetty Buttress
Eternal CleftE2 5c ***-?Carn nam Buailtean
Lucy LocketE1 5b ***-?Creag Ghiubhsachain
Tales of the Old DaysE5 6b ***-?Creag Ghlas
The Applecross JamE3 5c ***-?Crofter's Crag...
Winds of ChangeE5 6a ***-18mPeninsula Crag
Truly TorrentialE3 5c ***-12mCoire Dubh Beag Crag
Torrid TimeE3 5c ***-12mCoire Dubh Beag Crag
The Ho Chi Min TrailE2 ***-70m• 2Beinn Eighe
Force TenE2 ***-95m• 4Beinn Eighe
WaggonnerE3 6a ***-?Creag na Speiraig
Command and ConquerE3 ***-35m• 2Kinlochdamph Crag -...
Line in the SandE2 5c ***-30mMeall Gorm
FingerpickerE3 6a ***-25mMeall Gorm
BionicE3 6a ***-30mBiod an fhithich
Black RippleE1 5c ***-?Scallasaig Crag
Wallace and Christie - A Grand Day OutE2 5b ***-200m• 17Latheronwheel
Impending DoomE5 6a ***-20mMid Clyth
Battle of the BulgeE4 6a ***-20mMid Clyth
Gagging ClauseE5 6a ***-?Ellens Geo
UnnamedE5 6b ***-?Sarclet
Man or MouseE4 6a ***-?Sarclet
Willey's Last StramashE5 6a ***-?Rubha Hunish
Blue Men of the MinchE1 5b ***-?Rubha Hunish
StonewallE4 6a ***-50mNeist
The Flying DoorE3 5c ***-40mNeist
Cool BreezeE4 6a ***-35mNeist
Optimum Snore TimeE1 5b ***-25mNeist
Starfish EnterpriseE4 6b ***-?Neist
Old Man & The SeaE2 5b ***-?Neist
California DreamingE1 5b ***-35mNeist
Coruisk CornerE5 6a ***-?Coir' Uisg Buttress
Cuckoo WaltzE1 5b ***-?Creag Druim Eadar...
Endless TideE1 5b ***-?Little Kilt
Ceitidh Fiona’s WaltzE2 5c ***-?Little Kilt
Techno SnobE2 5c ***-40mSgurr na Banachdich
Six by SixE3 6a ***-?Beinn na h-Iolaire
OrbitE3 6a ***-?Rona
Alien SlayerE5 6a ***-170m• 5Berneray
The BeastingsE4 5c ***-175m• 5Berneray
The FrotteurE5 6a ***-30mBerneray
The Mauking BirdE1 5b ***-30mBerneray
Piping UpE1 5b ***-80m• 3Berneray
Wavering WorldsE2 5c ***-90m• 3Berneray
Imagine ThisE2 5b ***-25mBerneray
Barra SoundsE2 5b ***-90m• 2Berneray
The Great AukE1 5b ***-90m• 2Berneray
The Book Before The TrialE3 6a ***-90m• 2Berneray
Eye of the EagleE3 6a ***-95m• 3Berneray
Barra Head GamesE3 5c ***-110m• 3Berneray
Stolen MomentsE3 5c ***-100m• 3Berneray
Burning DesireE5 6b ***-120m• 4Mingulay
WhipsplashE4 6b ***-25mMingulay
Hot White SpiderE4 6a ***-120m• 3Mingulay
The Aga SanctionE4 6a ***-125m• 4Mingulay
HakkarE4 6a ***-110m• 3Mingulay
No Time to BurnE5 6a ***-65m• 3Mingulay
Fine LinesE5 6b ***-23mMingulay
Art for Art's SakeE4 6a *-25mSandray
PasticheE5 6a ***-35m• 2Sandray
The GiftE5 6a ***-30mSandray
RenaissanceE5 6b ***-20mSandray
Life begins....E5 6a ***-35m• 2Sandray
Haute CoitureE2 5b ***-45mSouthwest Barra
Hot Catwalk StruttE2 5c ***-45mSouthwest Barra
CobraE2 5c ***-45mSouthwest Barra
Snake CharmerE4 5c ***-35mSouthwest Barra
The Shining PathE4 5c **-15mCreag Aisnig
White DwarfE5 6b ***-140m• 6Sròn Uladail...
Last Pirate in PersiaXS 5b ***-18mUig Sea Cliffs...
Sea PinkE3 5c ***-20mUig Sea Cliffs...
Das BoatE5 6a ***-30mUig Sea Cliffs...
Captain OatesE4 6b ***-45m• 3Uig Sea Cliffs...
West Side StoryE2 5b ***-40mUig Sea Cliffs...
A Streetcar Named DesireE5 6b ***-25mUig Sea Cliffs...
Rhythm and KelpE5 6a ***-25mUig Sea Cliffs...
The Devil in the DrinkE3 5c ***-15mGreat Bernera
Shock WavesXS 5c ***-20mGreat Bernera
LillyliciousE3 5c ***-25mGarenin
Clais MòrE3 5c ***-40mGarenin
English SpinachE1 5b ***-30mGarenin
Technical EcstasyE5 6b ***-30mAird Mhor Bhragair
The Late ShowE1 5b ***-45mAird Mhor Bhragair
Play for TodayE4 6a ***-35mAird Mhor Bhragair
Gut ReactionE2 5c ***-25mAird Mhor Bhragair
Aphrodite's PromiseE2 5b ***-15mNess - The Butt of...
NaginiE2 5b ***-25mNess - The Butt of...
Going for the JugularE5 6b ***-30mSgurr Bhuidhe
The CrossingE5 6a ***-?Splitter Crag
Lost ArrowE3 6a ***-100mBidean nam Bian
The EpeeistE5 6b ***-50mGarbh Bheinn
Wide CountryE5 6b ***-50mThe Cobbler
Swimming with the TideE5 6a ***-60m• 2Beinn an Lochain
Gorillas in the MistE1 5b ***-45mBinnein an...
Warm LoveE5 6a ***-?Pass of Ballater
The Lone StoneE2 5b ***-?Easter Island...
Mostly HarmlessE5 6b ***-70mBroad Cairn - Creag...
Golden GrooveE3 5c ***-?Dun Teadh, Canna
Way too ArdE3 6a ***-8mCreag Ard
UnforgivenE3 5c ***-22mBeinn Airean, Muck
Token GestureE5 6b **-?Cioch na h-Oighe
Sense of PurposeE4 6b ***-30mAn Sgurr
The GrooveE4 5c ***-80m• 2An Sgurr
Stop the PigeonE5 6b ***-25mKintra
Always the SunE3 6a ***-?Eilean nam Muc
Sword of DamoclesE2 5c ***-15mEilean Dubh
Blood EagleE5 6a -12mRaven's Crag, Iona
HereticE3 5c ***-?Aoineadh nan Struth
Decoding RealityE1 5b ***-15mGeodha Uamh nam Fear
Hula Dollies DelightE1 5b ***-15mGeodha Uamh nam Fear
Flat Muffin SocietyE2 5b ***-9mMeall na Suiridhe
Uragaig WallE3 5c ***-?Uragaig
ArchaeopteryxE1 5b ***-?Dun Bheolain
CarapaceE4 6a -20mCarriag Mhor (Cara...
Red Planet - The Redshift FinishE5 6a ***-?• 3South Cove
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue SeaE4 6a ***-?Craig Stirling
JihadE4 6a ***-15mCobbleboards
RebuffedE2 5c ***-?Longhaven Craig
Parcel Of RoguesE3 6a ***-35m• 2Dungeon Hill
Naked FunE2 5b ***-35mBurrow Head
Adventures in the Skin TradeE3 5c ***-30mBurrow Head
Sam I AmE4 6a ***-25mLaggantalluch
Stolen DreamsE3 5c ***-?Buchan West Crag
BeltieE3 5c ***-15mSnibe Hill
The Alchemist's DreamE1 5b ***-35m• 2Snibe Hill
The ThoroughbredE5 6b ***-10mCallerhues
The Camels BackE3 5c ***-9mSouth Yardhope Crag
Where the Hills Meet the SkyE2 6a ***-26mBizzle crags
The SearchersE5 6b ***-26mRaven Crag...
The Fearful VoidE3 5c ***-12mLazonby
Technical EcstasyE4 6a ***-12mLazonby
Laurie LeeE2 5c ***-?Filey Brigg
A Soss End Of NobbageE3 5c ***-10mFlaystones
SnapperE3 6a ***-?Hawkcliffe
The DawningE4 6b ***-12mHawkcliffe
Stepmother JagE4 6b ***-18mHawkcliffe
Craig's AreteE4 6a ***-17mHorsehold Scout
Golden DeliciousE3 5c ***-?Hoghton Quarry
Hope StreetE5 6a ***-28mHelsby
Jelly Leg Groovef6B+ ***-10mMorley Quarry
KnossosE5 5c ***-18mSharpcliffe Rocks
Edge Control IIE6 6b ***-30mLands End
Farewell to StoneE5 6a ***-35mZawn Kellys Area
AstroslideE3 5c ***-?Tintagel Head
OverkeelE5 6b ***-?Tintagel Head
ChancelotE5 6a ***-?Tintagel Head
One Stood against ManyE5 6a ***-?Tintagel Head
Astral WeeksE5 6a ***-?Tintagel Head
MalefactorE5 5c ***-?Lower Sharpnose...
Sacred LandscapeE5 6a -45mCarn Cheer
StratumventionE1 5b ***-?• 2Trewethet Cliff...
A Wild Trip On JugsE4 6a ***-?Lundy
Mental BlockE6 6a ***-33mGammon Head
Rock Hard PeninnisE4 6b ***-15mPeninnis Head
RolairE3 6a -?Craig Cywarch (aka...
MwnchildE5 6a ***-40mPistyll Rhaeadr
MessiahE5 6a ***-?Cadair Idris -...
Dawn PatrolE4 6a ***-40mCadair Idris -...
A Point of Snow ReturnE5 6a ***-?Bryn y Dyfrgi
PrizewinnerE5 6a ***-15mSimdde Ddu
Spider Blood PumpE5 6a ***-12mSimdde Ddu
Koh-i-NoorE3 6a ***-23mCarreg y Saeth
ExposeE4 6a ***-15mMoelwyn Bach
Man with a missionE5 6a ***-?Craig Rhiwarth
Pricked By A PulseE3 5c ***-17mPen Tyrau
Spirit from the CageE5 6b ***-18mBryn y Dyfrgi
GawrE3 6a ***-18mY Clawdd
GwylltE4 6b ***-18mY Clawdd
GwenE5 6a ***-18mY Clawdd
EmilyaE2 5c ***-9mMin Pistyll
Purple RainE4 5c ***-10mCraig Bodlyn
Rail to OblivionE5 6a ***-9mCraig Bodlyn
Man Is FaunaE4 6a ***-95mCraig Bodlyn
The Cheshire CatE5 6a ***-?Clogwyn Yr Adar
UnderpowerE5 6b ***-12mMoelfre
Subservient ElephantE1 5b ***-?Craig Galch
The Dark RoadE6 6a ***-?• 2Craig y Aderyn...
Tyburn GateE3 5c ***-40mCraig y Llam
Fluid ConnectionE3 5c ***-36mSaddle Head
Adam AdamantE5 6b ***-30m• 2Stackpole Head
Sweet Smell of SucessE5 6b ***-39mStackpole Head
The VampireE5 6b ***-42m• 2Battleship Buttress
Alien World DirectE4 6a ***-50mMother Carey's...
Well HungE3 5c ***-36m• 2Linney Head Area
TrojanE3 5c ***-36m• 2Linney Head Area
RumoursE5 6a ***-80m• 3Fair Head
The NavvyE2 5c ***-95m• 2Fair Head
AvariceE4 6a ***-97mFair Head
BarabbasE4 6a ***-?Fair Head
The Wall of Prey (Direct Start)E5 6b ***-?Fair Head
Rainbow RoadE4 6a ***-?Ben Crom
The Rage of AchillesE3 6a ***-?Ben Crom
Golden GateE3 5c ***-?Ben Crom
The Great BequeatherE5 6b ***-25mBen Crom
OctobabyE3 5c ***-?Ben Crom
Liquid CoolE2 5c ***-20mLower Cove
Broken WingsE3 6a ***-?Slieve Beg
NecromancerE3 6a ***-?Slieve Beg
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