Lakeland Festival of Light 2017 is Bigger Than Ever

The third annual Lakeland Festival of Light, which took place on Saturday April 29th, saw over 650 people take to the fells after dark. The spectacular hillside illumination event has raised more than £10,000 towards recovery efforts from the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

More than 650 people took part this year, 95 kb
More than 650 people took part this year
© Carmen Norman Photography

With two years of successful night events under their belts already, organiser Matt Le Voi and the professional photography team had set themselves a mammoth task this year - to simultaneously light up Barrow, Stile End and Outerside, three small peaks above the village of Braithwaite.

As the volunteer walkers got to Braithwaite and split across the fells to get lined up for darkness, each was given a piece of coloured acetate, to recreate the effect of Nepalese prayer flags.

Recreating the effect of Nepalese prayer flags , 95 kb
Recreating the effect of Nepalese prayer flags
© Nick Landells, Lakeland Photo Walks

"It was a cool and breezy night, and we were being extra demanding this year by requiring the people on the mountains to stay as still as they could" says Matt.

"By the time the pictures were being taken people had already been up on the mountains for a fair while, so they did well to stick it out and bear with us. Their perseverance has to be commended."

"All the hard work and effort is always so worth it when you see that string of head torches up the fells. As always thank you so much to everyone who came along, donated and went up on to the hills. Without you these kind of spectacles really can’t happen."

The total raised so far for the chosen charity PHASE Worldwide is expected to easily surpass £10,000. To help with the fundraising, photo prints from the evening are available here.

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