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Torchlit Crowd Lights Up Blencathra

A mass night-time ascent of Blencathra on Friday 5th June saw around 150 people climbing Halls Fell Ridge by torch light to raise money for Community Action Nepal.

150 head torches light up Blencathra  © Andrew James Galloway
150 head torches light up Blencathra
© Andrew James Galloway

The idea was initiated by Matt Le Voi and John Brooks, Lake District-based Outdoor Instructors who have close links with the country that was hit by two huge earthquakes this spring.

The event, which was promoted purely through Facebook, surprised the pair with the level of attention it gained.

'As I stood up on the back of my van to welcome everyone I looked around at this sea of faces, everything I had planned to say just disappeared. I was gobsmacked!' said Matt. '150 people, some of whom had travelled for hours to get to this event.'

John added: 'It was the generosity that we couldn’t believe. We asked for a donation of £20 per participant, but people were giving more, much more in some cases. And then on the night we managed to sell about 2000 raffle tickets too.'

Climbing Halls Fell Ridge 'the snake of people went on for hundreds of metres' say the pair. 'It was quite a sight!'

The group continued over the summit and down to the top of Doddick Fell, where the light was just fading.

Matt and John both agreed that coming down Doddick Fell was a real highlight of the night: 'As you looked back up the fell, it looked like a Christmas Tree. If we thought we we’re gobsmacked in the car park, this was on another level.'

The procession got back to Threlkeld village shortly after midnight. 

  • The current fundraising estimate is over £5000. But money is still coming in, with the event's Justgiving page still open for donations.

Night time on Doddick Fell  © Andrew James Galloway
Night time on Doddick Fell
© Andrew James Galloway

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