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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Yorkshire 8Af7A ***22 Sep, 2021Rothley Crag
Vagabond d'occident7c ***8 Sep, 2021Céüse
Roaring FortiesE3 5c **11 Jul, 2021Rora Head
Spigolo NordTD ***28 Jan, 2021Monte Agner
Hole in the WallE5 6b ***8 Sep, 2020The Red Tower Area
Clo Mor CrackE3 5c 7 Sep, 2020Clo Mor
Clockwork CatE3 5c ***27 Jul, 2020Craig Stirling
The Ocean of Air FinishE4 6a ***26 Jul, 2019Mingulay
Consolidatedf7B+ ***12 Nov, 2018Dumbarton Rock
NimrodE1 5c ***20 Oct, 2018Dow Crag
Endless FlightE5 6a ***23 Apr, 2018Great Wanney
Sydpilarenn6- ***4 Nov, 2016Stetind
ReproductionE6 6b ***21 Sep, 2016High Tor
Primal DreamE5 6a ***16 Sep, 2016Quinag
Statue of LibertyE4 5c ***13 Jun, 2016Port Vasgo
King KongE2 5c ***8 Jun, 2016Ben Nevis
The BatE2 5b ***8 Jun, 2016Ben Nevis
Titan's WallE3 5c ***8 Jun, 2016Ben Nevis
Trajan's ColumnE6 6b ***6 Jun, 2016Ben Nevis
WarpathE5 6a ***17 May, 2016Rhoscolyn
Rapid Learning CurveE6 6b ***8 Oct, 2015Suidhe Biorach
Voie Charlet-PlatonovTD ***23 Aug, 2015L'Aiguille...
Supercrack of the Desert5.10b ***30 Aug, 2014Indian Creek
Priapos7c ***8 Jul, 2014Grande Grotta Area
Raindogs8a ***20 May, 2014Malham Cove
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