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If you are completely sure that you are logged in as a registered user, but you can't reply to a thread you started because there is no 'reply' button, then the most likely reason is because your web browser has cached a copy of that particular web page on your computer, instead of fetching the latest version of the page. This also sometimes happens across the whole of the Forums or the Photo galleries where you are stopped from reading old threads, or seeing full size versions of photos.
To cure this problem you need to FORCE REFRESH the page so that you make your browser get a new version of the page from the server.

How to Force Refresh -
Windows: reload the web page by holding down Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5 keys, depending on your web browser.
Apple: reload the web page by holding down cmd+R keys.

If that doesn't help, try emptying your web browser cache (look in 'Tools' or 'Preferences' depending on your browser). You could also try using a different web browser to see if that helps. The problem will always go away in the end anyway.

More about Refreshing Your Cache

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You are given the option to edit or delete a post for 30 minutes after posting. After this time, or after someone has replied to you, you are no longer able to delete the post. We will remove posts on request - please contact us with details of the post you want removed preferable with a posting time. Please be aware though that removing posts because you don't like the response you are getting is not really in the spirit of the concept 'forum'. We are obliged to remove your posts but we would far prefer that you respond on the thread appropriately where the discussion may be different to what you expected. If you have sold an item in the For Sale forum and wish that thread removed then please just reply to it stating that the item has been sold.

When there is a reply to your post a red bubble icon will appear on a thread with a number in it indicating the number of replies with a summary text to click. You can also receive notification of replies to the thread in general by using RSS Feeds

For security reasons, there is no option to delete your own account, although we are happy to do this for you. If you don't log on then the profile will be automatically deleted after 3 years. If you want your profile removed more quickly then please check our Profile Removal page. Before you leave us though please contact us and let us know if there is anything we're doing wrong on the site, or problems that we could solve - we'd like you to stay!

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