Buying and Selling on the UKH Forums

Guidelines for Safer Trading - For Sale/Wanted Forum Terms

The For Sale/Wanted forum is for informal trading between registered users of UKH who can quickly and easily buy and sell items amongst a highly targeted audience of like-minded individuals. Once the initial advert has been placed, the rest of the deal is up to the people involved, this includes arranging payment and sending the goods between the parties. UKClimbing Limited can't offer any support beyond displaying the initial post and all transactions are carried out at the risk of the people involved - please read our Guidelines for Safer Trading and our For Sale/Wanted Forum Terms.

There is no charge for posts for FREE items; wanted items; or for selling an item, or a group of similar items, with a total value of less than £100.

Please consider the following points when making your post:

  1. Write clearly the item that you are selling in the thread title. Keep this short since the length of the title is limited, but make it clear so that people searching for similar items can easily find it.
  2. For most sales the rule is one item per post. You may want to group together sets of similar items (eg. a set of cams) that you are happy to sell individually or separately. You may also wish to group together several items if you wish to take advantage of the enhancements offered by Premier For Sale posts but still only pay for one Premier Post.
  3. The price you set should be for the total of all the items for sale in the post. Each individual item should have a price in the post as well.
  4. The price you set for an item is a guideline. If you are open to offers then state this in the opening post but don't price an item at £99 if you aren't prepared to accept £99 for it. Buyers - If you offer on an item priced in the £90 region, and the person doesn't accept the offer because it is too low, then please contact us.
  5. Postage and Packing should only be charged at cost. This can be additional to the £100 limit.
  6. Follow the thread closely and respond to questions.
  7. As soon as the deal has been done post this information clearly on the thread. Please don't email us to ask us to remove the thread.
  8. Don't sell an item on UKH and a second site like eBay or Facebook at the same time. You may include links to eBay in a Premier FS Post.
  9. Don't try and sell other items in the thread. This includes in the opening post and in subsequent replies. It also includes links to photo collections where there may be images of other items you are selling.
  10. Don't try and sell your items on other people's threads.
  11. Don't repeatedly 'bump' your threads. If you want a position at the top of the forums then please pay for a Premier For Sale Post. Posts which are repeatedly bumped will be closed to replies.

Premier For Sale posts (for sales £100 or more)

For selling items, or groups of items, with a value of £100 or more, you must use a Premier For Sale Post. For all accommodation adverts for private individuals, you must use a Premier For Sale Post even if the weekly rent is less than £100. These offer enhanced positioning on the For Sale/Wanted forum, you can include a photo of the item(s) or even a YouTube movie if you wish. Your post will stay at the top of the For Sale/Wanted forum for as long as you pay for (£6 for 1 week, £12 for 2 weeks, etc..) and it will also be rotated with other Premier Posts onto the Forums Latest page and the Premier Posts Forums (it will not appear in Premier Posts on other forums).

The Premier For Sale Posts are carried out using the Premier Posts system. For this you will need a credit or debit card at the point you make the post. This is a one-off payment which can't be refunded even if the item is not sold so make sure you are sure of what you are posting, and the price you are asking.

Please read the For Sale/Wanted Forum Terms before posting. Any posts which don't comply with the above criteria and the Terms and Conditions will be removed. People who deliberately try to get around the system to avoid paying a For Sale Premier Post charge will be banned from using

Guidelines for Safer Trading


  1. Check posting history of the seller by looking at their registered date and clicking on their username to find older posts. Be wary of those who have no history or who have only just registered (green 'L' next to their name).
  2. If dealing with sellers with no history then request a reference from them from someone on the forum who does have a history.
  3. Be wary of people posting lots of new, or nearly new items in multiple posts. This may be a sign of stolen gear so please contact us.
  4. Try and communicate with sellers using a landline phone number. This doesn't need to be posted but get it off them before you send money.
  5. If dealing with large payments suggest doing a part-payment as a deposit.
  6. Request that communication goes through their work email address.
  7. Post feedback for successful transactions.


  1. Establish a history on the forums before you sell gear.
  2. If selling a lot of gear then don't try and save yourself £6 by putting it in multiple posts, put it all in a single Premier Post with a photograph. This gives people more confidence in your trading and will probably sell the gear more quickly with less hassle.
  3. Don't send gear without receiving at least a substantial deposit.
  4. Get a landline phone number and check it if trading using deposits.
  5. If dealing with a buyer who has no history, then request a reference from someone on the forum with a history.
  6. Post feedback on successful transactions.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The forum is for use for private trading of personal second-hand goods between registered users of only.
  2. Free postings are only allowed for items, or groups of items, with a total value of less than £100.
  3. No links to external auction sites should be included in the posts.
  4. Private trading of goods bought specifically to be re-sold on is not allowed.
  5. Commercial trading of trade goods and end of stock items is not allowed - please check our advertising options.
  6. The terms for transactions carried out on the For Sale Forum are the responsibility of the buyer and seller but they must comply with The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 (more readable summary here). This includes offering a refund for price paid for goods returned within 14 days of the consumer receiving the goods; and a full refund, including all postage costs, for goods returned because they were faulty or not as described.
  7. If you use the forum to buy and sell goods, you do so at your own risk.
  8. Posts made on the forum must not involve anything illegal under UK or EU law.
  9. Once you pay for your Premier For Sale Post we are unable to give any refund. If we deem your item to be unsuitable for Premier For Sale Post we will contact you and suggest a more suitable advertising method. Your payment may be used towards an alternative advertising method but not refunded.
  10. UKClimbing Ltd. accepts no responsibility for loss or injury incurred as a result of placing ads on the For Sale/Wanted Forum.