Commercial Profiles

Commercial profiles are intended for businesses, small companies and organisations that want to use the UKH Forums under their business name. Commercial Profiles can offer users some distinct and unique advertising benefits without presenting an overt commercial message.

  • Your User Profile name can contain your company name (eg. Alan James - UKHillwalking). This gives instant and repetitive exposure to your company every time you post on the forums. It also makes it clear who you are representing if you get involved in discussion relevant to your business.
  • Your User Profile can contain company information plus a direct link to your web site.
  • You can create a gallery in the UKHillwalking Photo Database of shots relating to your business.

Examples of organisations that would benefit from a Commercial Profile

  • Gear shops or gear manufacturers/suppliers who want contribute to discussions in the Gear Forum.
  • Climbing club officers who want state the position of the club on a particular issue such as bolting, access, subs etc.
  • Businesses based in a climbing destination that want to supply the UKH community with information such as weather or climbing conditions.
  • Climbing Walls who want to upload pictures of their facility to the Photo Database and post on the Walls & Training Forum.

£200 for 12 months.
Price excludes VAT, which will be added at 20%.

How to sign up for a Commercial Profile
To sign up for a commercial profile, simply email us and we will take it from there. You'll be able to pay the annual subscription charge by debit or credit card, using our secure online payment facility.

Contact: Advertising team

Why should your organisation sign up for a Commercial Profile?
The UKHillwalking online climbing community is by far the biggest in the UK, and one of the biggest in the world. By contributing useful, accurate information you can enhance and maintain your reputation as knowledgeable, credible and responsible organisations.

You will be allowed to publish small amounts of commercial information in response to specific questions (see restrictions below) and your profile will give you a continual presence on these incredibly popular forums with a very visible link back to your own web site.

What is allowed?
You can upload pictures of your business. This could be a photo of your climbing wall, your product, the accommodation you offer or a photo of your staff in action in the hills.

You can post in any of the forums so long as you do not try to overtly promote your products or services; remember that we allow products and services to be promoted via the Premier Posts. Limited responses to question posed by other users are allowed.

Within your 'User Profile' page you can describe your organisations services, location, opening times, product range and any other general information including links to your web site. Example - Alan James - UKHillwalking.

What is NOT allowed?
You cannot use the profile to overtly sell any product, service or event. Commercial Profiles are not a substitute for Premier Posts. For example; blatant advertising in a starter post, or within a thread isn't allowed. eg. "We're selling these cheap this week", "I've got 3 places left on this course", "our climbing competition starts this Friday". For this type of message you will need to use a Premier Post.

If you have any question about using or setting up a Commercial Profile please email Advertising team.

  1. Subscriptions last for 1 year from the date of purchase.
  2. Refunds for changes in circumstances or any other reason not relating to an error on behalf of UKH will not be available once the subscription is purchased.
  3. If you contravene any of the stated rules we will warn you not more than twice. Persistent offended will have their profile deactivated without a refund.
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