Profile Removal

At UKClimbing we obviously don't want to lose you as a valued user of our web site but we realise that sometimes circumstances demand that people want to remove their profiles. The nature of this web site with user-contributed content makes this a more complex and difficult procedure that it might appear at first - we don't have a single-click button to erase your contributions!

  • Forums contributions are part of a narrative and removing them breaks the flow of a thread.
  • Photos may be linked to from other places on the site and their removal will break these links.
  • Other logbook users may have recorded ascents with you as a partner and removing this information would interfer with their record of ascents.

In addition to this, removal of profiles is a destructive process which permanently deletes your logbook and breaks the link between your profile and photos you may have uploaded, and threads and comments you have posted. It is not possible to reconstruct these links.

We ask that before you remove you profile you consider the following:

  • If you wish to stop receiving our newsletters then you can change this under My Profile > Newsletters
  • If you want more privacy then you can make various changes to privacy in My Profile > User Options > General and Logbook sections.
  • If you wish your real name not to appear on your Forum Posts then you can change your User Name in My Profile > User Options > Change Username. This will change the name on all historic posts and comments you have made. It will also change the name that appears on your partners' logbooks for everyone except your partners.

Profile Removal

  1. Once you have decided that you want your profile removing then we suggest that you first submit a Name Change (My Profile > User Options > Change Username) to a neutral name. This will change your previous name in old forum threads and your partners' logbooks which will then leave only an anonymous trace after your profile is removed. If you don't do this then your previous user name will remain on threads and as a linked partner.
  2. If you want your photo gallery removed then you can do this photo-by-photo through Edit Photo Details. If you have a lot of photos that may be linked to from other site content then we urge you to consider leaving them on the site. They will appear as 'unclaimed' and have no association with you or your old user profile.
  3. If you have a Logbook then your logbook will be permanently deleted when your profile is removed. You can keep a copy of this for your personal records by going to Logbooks > My Logbook > Download (top right). We are not able to rebuild this logbook from your download at a later date.

The form below doesn't immediately remove your Profile, it sends a request which we will act on but it can take a few days. Please check the boxes as appropriate - only one of them is required, the others are optional.

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