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The past six weeks have been strange for everyone. In an effort to keep you entertained and up-to-date we have increased our output of news and articles. As you might expect, with limited access to the outdoors, we have seen a big increase in site traffic. We would like to thank every one of you: you are each a key part of what makes this wonderful website possible.

The UKClimbing Team  © Alan James
The UKClimbing Team

However, the lockdown has affected everyone hugely and the outdoor industry is no exception. Shops are closed and this means that the chain of supply, manufacture and design of outdoor equipment is on hold too. We rely on advertising from the outdoor industry to keep the sites running. With the freeze of the outdoor industry comes a freeze in the income which supports UKClimbing and UKHillwalking. As such we're in the strange situation that whilst our traffic has increased, our main source of income has decreased.

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One of our core concepts is that our content is free for everyone and that is not going to change. Many news outlets around the world are dealing with this issue by implementing a paywall but that is something we do not want to do. However, we'll level with you: we do need some support right now.

We've come up with a way that you can support UKClimbing and UKHillwalking whilst maintaining our ethos of open access. The UKC Supporter scheme has two levels: UKC Supporter and UKC SupporterPlus. For those wishing for the 'Plus' option, you can support your favourite website and, in true UKC style, receive some excellent benefits in return: access to the Rockfax App, discounts on Rockfax guidebooks and the UKC Supporter Badge. Alternatively, you can simply show your support for either UKClimbing or UKHillwalkling by making a smaller donation and receive the UKC/UKH Supporter Badge as thanks. There are more details on the supporter scheme here.

In another change, we are making the For Sale Forums free to use for all value of items from today. To help with the selling process we have enabled photos to be included in forum posts for UKC/UKH Supporters. We ask that, if you use the forums to sell significant amounts of gear, then you take out a Supporter account which will have the added benefit of making your items sell more quickly!

While the UKC/UKH Supporter scheme has come from a time of need in the face of a crisis, we are committed to providing the kind of websites that we would love to visit. We want to inspire you with the most up-to-date news, an amazing app, beautifully produced guidebooks, diverse and interesting articles, comprehensive gear reviews, breathtaking photographs and a vast and useful logbook system. This is not something new, it is what we've always done and will continue to do. When this crisis is eventually over we intend to continue the UKC/UKH Supporter scheme in order to support the growth of the sites so that we can continue to offer you the kind of content you want to see.

UKClimbing and UKHillwalking are more than just websites - they are communities. As with any community, we're built upon a reciprocal exchange: we provide you with excellent websites, in return you give us your input through the forums, logbooks, and by simply visiting the sites, to make them what they are today. We are trying our hardest to ensure that this community can continue to exist in its current form, and we would love you to help us if you are able.

The UKC, UKH and Rockfax Team

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Rockfax App Screen
Rockfax App and Discount Guidebooks

If you choose to take out the UKC SupporterPlus option then you will receive a 1-year subscription to the Rockfax App.

The Rockfax App contains the entire Rockfax catalogue and guidebook information from third-party publishers. It covers over 900 crags and 60,000 routes and can be connected to your UKC account to record climbs and update your UKC Logbook. It is available on iOS and Android devices - more info.

In addition as a SupporterPlus, you will receive 30% off all guidebooks ordered direct from the Rockfax website. This includes exclusive pre-orders for new guidebooks before they are published.

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As climbers we strive to make the kind of website we would love to visit, with the most up-to-date news, diverse and interesting articles, comprehensive gear reviews, breathtaking photographs and a vast and useful logbook system. As a result, an incredible community has formed around the site - we’ve provided the framework but it’s you who make the website what it is today. If you appreciate the content we offer then you can help us by becoming an official UKH Supporter. This can be a one-off single annual payment or a more substantial payment paid monthly or yearly which includes full access to Rockfax Digital and discounts on Rockfax print publications.

If you appreciate then please help us by becoming a UKH Supporter.

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6 May, 2020

I'm probably just being blind, but where is the Supporter (not plus) option? Underneath the table comparing the two levels of support there is just the SupporterPlus option.

Edited to add:

Hmm. If I look at my profile, apparently I'm already a supporter. Not sure how that's happened, but the edit box I'm typing this in has a "Become a Supporter" button underneath it, so it looks like some pages think I'm already a supporter, but others don't.

6 May, 2020

It does say they plan to keep it going after the crisis, so it seems the current situation was the catalyst for this.

6 May, 2020

So it does - I'd missed that.

You are an App Subscriber. For App Subscribers the only option is to upgrade to SupporterPlus which you are only charged £14 for. This gives you the full SupporterPlus benefits.

This might just be a cache/refresh issue but I'll get Martin to check.


6 May, 2020

Is it possible to become a Supporter or SupporterPlus without the modified username header?

Apologies if this has been answered before.


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