Vandals Spray Graffiti on Tryfan

Walkers have reacted with anger after graffiti was discovered painted on rocks on Tryfan this Monday. People have already been up to start cleaning it off.

graffiti 2, 199 kb
Photo by Michael Cotton

"What is wrong with people?!" hillwalker Michael Cotton posted on Facebook, "Found this today just below the south summit of Tryfan whilst descending the south ridge."

No prizes for guessing when this was done , 164 kb
No prizes for guessing when this was done
© Michael Cotton

The graffiti, which has been done with green spray paint, includes the name Widzew Łódź, a Polish football team, and a suggestion to 'smoke weed'. If only they'd stayed at home doing just that, and left the hills to people with an ounce of common sense.

After Michael posted his pictures, the outrage on social media was swift.

graffiti 3, 212 kb
Photo by Michael Cotton

graffiti 4, 151 kb
Photo by Michael Cotton

"The response to this has been amazing!" said Michael.

"My post has been shared far and wide and I've also had the press and media contacting me. A guy called James Fitzpatrick has been up yesterday and cleaned some the graffiti off. Well done that man! Lots of others have also said that they'll help clean it off too. I have a feeling that the graffiti will be gone completely before the weekend."

Apparently it's been taking about 15 minutes per letter to clean the graffiti off.

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