Stoners Spark Big Fat ...Mountain Rescue

A group of walkers escaped by the skin of their teeth in the Lake District at the weekend when one of their number got too high on cannabis to come back down without assistance.

Burnmoor Tarn, 134 kb
Burnmoor Tarn
© cathsullivan, Nov 2008

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team were sent to retrieve the group of four men from... wait for it... Burnmoor Tarn (seriously), at the foot of Scafell, after they found their faculties blunted.

After the joint operation, Cumbria Constabulary took to Facebook to vent:

"Persons phoning Cumbria Police because they are stuck on a mountain, after taking cannabis. Now having to deploy M'tain Rescue, Air support and Ambulance to rescue them. Words fail us..."

It's easy to laugh - we couldn't resist - but it's worth pointing out that the team, which is made up entirely of dedicated volunters, responded to five incidents this weekend alone; this was the only one wacky enough to make national news.

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