Podcast: Streapadair and the Angel of Camasunary

Duncan McCallum will be better known to most site users as Streapadair, one of the most highly-rated photographers in the UKH/UKC community.  A chance bothy encounter more than three decades ago left a lasting impression on him, a story of love and loss that he recalls in the latest episode of the new Mountain podcast series.

The Angel of Camasunary.  Freya, where are you now?, 96 kb
The Angel of Camasunary. Freya, where are you now?
© streapadair

September 1981, Skye. A young woman sits in a dark bothy, staring into a fire. A pair of flimsy shoes are propped next to her, drying in the heat, and a kettle comes to the boil. Just who was Freya, the mysterious Angel of Camasunary? And why did they lose touch?

Hear Duncan's story here:

Duncan's pictures are consistently rated among the best in the user galleries. This is the top-voted photo of all time on UKHillwalking:

My magic mountain in the sky - Suilven
© streapadair

And here's his third place shot:

Cuillin ridge (Dubhs to Gillean) from Sgurr na Stri, 98 kb
Cuillin ridge (Dubhs to Gillean) from Sgurr na Stri
© streapadair


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