Nine Rescued From Crib Goch

© Sonny Bennett

A group of nine walkers had to be helped off Crib Goch by mountain rescue teams yesterday evening, after they'd bitten off more than they could chew in poor weather.

Crib Goch  © Sonny Bennett
Crib Goch
© Sonny Bennett, Sep 2010

The party from Southport had been part of a group of 17. The rest got down under their own steam, but nine were left stuck on the summit.

A SAR helicopter attended the scene in the afternoon, but was unable to reach the party due to lowering cloud and deteriorating weather. Members of Llanberis MRT and Aberglaslyn MRT turned out in very heavy rain, and rigged safety ropes to help the nine stranded walkers down.

Phil Benbow from the Llanberis team told the BBC: 'Thirteen were inexperienced walkers.'

'They felt Crib Goch would be a challenge for them and it was certainly more than that. It was absolutely the wrong choice.'

Meanwhile elsewhere on the mountain two teenagers were helped by a member of the public, having got separated from their school group at the top of Snowdon.

'They were prepared for a nice summer day' said Phil Benbow.

'Both jobs were unnecessary with pre-planning and thought. Our message to people is think about what you are going to do.'

It's been reported that the party of nine were on a charity challenge. If so this might tend to vindicate recent warnings by the Snowdonia MountainSafe Partnership for such groups to be better prepared (see UKH news here).

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18 Jun, 2013
Typical. All organised events should have to register with Ranger and prove they are supported with a minimum ML
18 Jun, 2013
Typical. All organised events should have to register with Ranger and prove they are supported with a minimum ML qualified person.
18 Jun, 2013
Rubbish I run the Lake District Mountain Trial each year and don't have an ML with me every step of the way. I ran the Yorkshire 3 peaks race and didn't feel the need to have an ML with me! As I understand it race or event organisers have a responsibility to make sure they aren't putting their participants in unnecessary danger. It's up to them if they ignore that, by ignoring experience and conditions. I would imagine they are then criminally responsible.
18 Jun, 2013
Last time i did Crib Goch it was foggy, windy and wet. Going along the top i found a group of 9 lads totally unprepared for the conditions (trackie bottoms, trainers and tshirts) being led by a lad who had done it once before with someone so none of them had a map. It was a case of collecting people as i went along. I had a group of 4 when i started and 17 when i finished at the top. All you need to do is be sensible and realistic and you don't tend to have any problems.
18 Jun, 2013
if they're frightened and unable to adapt to the conditions, then they are in danger and, whilst some respond positively to fright, many behave irrationally and do not have the skills and knowledge to be able to adapt to a frightening and unfamiliar situation. This is not their fault, and many do not know how they will react in such situations until they are confronted by them. These people should not be 'banned' from mountains, but need to be prepared for them and, in some cases led and taught on them. Then they will be able to enjoy them.
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