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An optimistic western grit ticklist Matt and I knocked up in the pub after a few pints.

Charlies Overhang 6A - Newstones  © Tom_Barrett
Charlies Overhang 6A - Newstones
© Tom_Barrett, Jul 2021

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The famous crux dyno, Wings of Unreason.

Wings of Unreason
The famous crux dyno, Wings of Unreason.
© Jon Read

Baldstones Arete

Baldstones Arête
Baldstones Arete
© Marek

Inching to the sanctuary of the crack on Smear Test, The Roaches.

Smear Test
Inching to the sanctuary of the crack on Smear Test, The Roaches.
© davidj

Charlie's overhang. Newstones.

Charlie's Overhang
Charlie's overhang. Newstones.
© Mike W

Callum eyeing up the dyno on wings

Wings of Unreason
Callum eyeing up the dyno on wings
© Harry Chaplin

Jim Lear on Barriers in Time E6 6b at the roaches

Barriers in Time
Jim Lear on Barriers in Time E6 6b at the roaches
© Mike Hutton


© Jon Read

Dirty Nasty Ramshaw

Brown's Crack
Dirty Nasty Ramshaw
© Jon Read

The Wings dyno -- Turner's turn.

Wings of Unreason
The Wings dyno -- Turner's turn.
© Jon Read

Dave on "Elegy", Roaches Classic (E2 5c)

Dave on "Elegy", Roaches Classic (E2 5c)
© PeteWilson

Jesse Dufton on The Mincer at the Roaches

The Mincer
Jesse Dufton on The Mincer at the Roaches
© Molly Dufton


© Will Rupp

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Barriers in Time E6 6b *** 34 16m Roaches Lower Tier
Teck Crack E1 5c ** 127 24m • 2 Roaches Lower Tier
Ackit HVS 5b ** 276 14m Roaches Lower Tier
Hypothesis HVS 5b ** 94 10m Roaches Lower Tier
Matinee HVS 5b ** 358 24m Roaches Lower Tier
The Swan E3 5c *** 169 26m Roaches Lower Tier
Smear Test E3 6a ** 248 12m Roaches Lower Tier
The Mincer HVS 5b *** 775 24m Roaches Lower Tier
Elegy E2 5c *** 604 16m Roaches Lower Tier
Hawkwing E1 5b *** 737 22m Roaches Lower Tier
Chalkstorm E3 5c ** 1133 14m Roaches Lower Tier
Hunky Dory E3 6a *** 138 10m Roaches Lower Tier
Acid Drop E4 5c ** 65 16m Roaches Skyline
Entropy's Jaw E5 6b *** 92 8m Roaches Skyline
Wings of Unreason E4 6a *** 552 10m Roaches Skyline
Track of the Cat E5 6a *** 133 12m Roaches Skyline
Prelude to Space HVS 4c ** 361 10m Roaches Skyline
Marxist Undertones f6A ** 143 8m The Five Clouds
Finger of Fate f6B *** 119 8m The Five Clouds
Appaloosa Sunset E3 5c *** 224 16m The Five Clouds
Cloudbusting E4 6b ** 18 8m The Five Clouds
Mirror, Mirror E5 6b ** 19 10m The Five Clouds
Boysen's Delight HVS 5c * 75 10m The Five Clouds
Cloud Nine E2 5b * 17 10m The Five Clouds
Wombat E2 5b *** 418 20m Roaches Upper Tier
Saul's Crack HVS 5a *** 1676 18m Roaches Upper Tier
Ruby Tuesday E2 5b ** 110 30m • 2 Roaches Upper Tier
Humdinger E1 5b ** 244 18m Roaches Upper Tier
Caesarian E4 6b *** 27 16m Hen Cloud
Delstree HVS 5a *** 432 18m Hen Cloud
Encouragement E1 5b *** 225 28m • 2 Hen Cloud
Bitching E1 5b * 42 8m Hen Cloud
Small Buttress HVS 5a 17 6m Hen Cloud
Solid Geometry E1 5b ** 98 8m Hen Cloud
Comedian E3 6a *** 71 12m Hen Cloud
Hen Cloud Eliminate HVS 5b *** 491 18m Hen Cloud
Bachelor's Left-hand HVS 5b *** 649 24m Hen Cloud
Chameleon E4 6a *** 34 12m Hen Cloud
Heart of Gold E2 5c ** 23 10m Hen Cloud
Touch E4 6c ** 25 7m Hen Cloud
Traveller in Time E4 6a *** 212 10m Ramshaw Rocks
Body Popp E4 6b ** 23 10m Ramshaw Rocks
Gumshoe E2 5c *** 117 14m Ramshaw Rocks
Alcatraz E1 5b ** 137 12m Ramshaw Rocks
Brown's Crack E2 5c ** 157 14m Ramshaw Rocks
Don's Crack HVS 5b * 182 10m Ramshaw Rocks
Tierdrop E5 6b *** 40 8m Ramshaw Rocks
The Crippler HVS 5a *** 159 12m Ramshaw Rocks
Shark's Fin f4+ *** 349 ? Ramshaw Rocks
Charlie's Overhang f6B *** 140 ? Newstones and...
Baldstones Arête HVS 4c *** 120 12m Newstones and...
Goldsitch Crack HVS 4c * 14 12m Newstones and...
The Phantom E4 5c ** 15 15m Gradbach Hill
Original Route E2 6a *** 59 12m Newstones and...
Pillar of Judgement E4 5c *** 37 15m The Five Clouds
107 e, 132 stars 12,854 747m 58
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