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In a lifetime would be good....
Added Lepton in place of Kappelout Direct
Couldn't find Afterbirth or A.P. Jacket in the Curbar database

Pre-crux on the 'Tippler Direct'  © James Smith
Pre-crux on the 'Tippler Direct'
© James Smith

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1st Graeme Hammond 75% 8 Aug
2nd Tuftynick 66% 21 Feb
3rd Ram MkiV 52% 10 Apr, 2022
4th deacondeacon 51% 1 May
5th David Slater 45% 10 Oct, 1999
6th Hidden 43% 19 Aug, 2022
7th James Oakes 37% 4 May, 2019
8th Hidden 35% 8 Nov, 2017
9th Hidden 34% 19 Mar
9th amccann 34% 16 Sep, 2022

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© Nadir khan


© mark20

Epic day at Curbar, complete with inversion and quality routes

Epic day at Curbar, complete with inversion and quality routes
© joese7en

Maximum spotting occuring on Archangel!

Maximum spotting occuring on Archangel!
© Charlie Low

Elder Crack - a big wide , Curbar crack!

Elder Crack
Elder Crack - a big wide , Curbar crack!
© Jessie leong

Ferdia setting off into the upper crux on Left Unconqerable.

The Left Unconquerable
Ferdia setting off into the upper crux on Left Unconqerable.
© neil the weak

Vinny Day focused on 'The Knock'

The Knock
Vinny Day focused on 'The Knock'
© Dan Arkle

3-2-none, how the points of contacts go when you faf around

3-2-none, how the points of contacts go when you faf around
© joese7en

Paul Ingham on Archangel, Stanage. 1979.

Paul Ingham on Archangel, Stanage. 1979.
© Tony Marr

Shock Horror Slab

Shock Horror Slab

Perfect Gritstone in the Dying Light

Perfect Gritstone in the Dying Light
© mrteale

Ouch. Only injury was a broken helmet thankfully

Brown's Eliminate
Ouch. Only injury was a broken helmet thankfully
© ianstevens

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Downhill Racer E4 6a *** 461 16m Froggatt Edge
Long John's Slab E3 5c ** 957 14m Froggatt Edge
Tree Survivor E3 6a 10 8m Froggatt Edge
Oedipus Ring Your Mother E4 6b ** 214 8m Froggatt Edge
Cave Wall E3 5c *** 91 12m Froggatt Edge
Cave Crack E3 5c *** 204 12m Froggatt Edge
Heartless Hare E5 5c ** 282 12m Froggatt Edge
Great Slab E3 5b *** 588 18m Froggatt Edge
Artless E5 6b ** 178 15m Froggatt Edge
Hairless Heart E5 5c *** 202 15m Froggatt Edge
Synopsis E2 5c ** 580 14m Froggatt Edge
Nutty Land E1 5c * 90 ? Froggatt Edge
Brown's Eliminate E2 5b *** 1814 16m Froggatt Edge
Armageddon E3 5c * 183 12m Froggatt Edge
The Big Crack E2 5b *** 797 15m Froggatt Edge
Stiff Cheese E2 5c * 95 12m Froggatt Edge
The 3-D Wall E2 6a 86 8m Stanage Popular
Tip Off E2 5b 40 14m Stanage Popular
Dry Rot E2 5b * 152 13m Stanage Popular
The Tippler E1 5b *** 1761 18m Stanage Popular
Tippler Direct E3 6a *** 470 16m Stanage Popular
The Dangler E2 5c *** 353 16m Stanage Popular
Censor E3 5c *** 135 16m Stanage Popular
Yosemite Wall E2 5b ** 811 16m Stanage Popular
Topaz E4 6a 36 10m Stanage Popular
Easter Rib E1 5b ** 1784 16m Stanage Popular
Ice Boat E1 5c * 194 14m Stanage Popular
Coconut Ice E2 5b * 258 16m Stanage Popular
The Actress E2 5c 17 9m Stanage Popular
Desperation E1 6a *** 923 12m Stanage Popular
Constipation E4 6a ** 89 14m Stanage Popular
Wuthering E2 5b *** 912 20m Stanage Popular
The Asp E3 6a *** 452 12m Stanage Popular
Don't Bark, Bite E3 5c * 31 14m Stanage Popular
Dark Continent E1 5c *** 578 20m Stanage Popular
Acheron E1 5b * 239 16m Stanage Popular
Bloodshot E3 5c * 33 16m Stanage Popular
The Old Dragon E2 5b * 134 14m Stanage Popular
Plastic Dream E3 6a * 29 14m Stanage Popular
Curving Buttress E2 5b * 191 14m Stanage Plantation
Monday Blue E2 5b * 426 16m Stanage Plantation
The Left Unconquerable E1 5b *** 2894 16m Stanage Plantation
Millsom's Minion E1 5b *** 2104 22m Stanage Plantation
Crossover E2 5c * 67 14m Stanage Plantation
Nuke the Midges E1 5b * 340 10m Stanage Plantation
Esso Extra E1 5b ** 79 12m Stanage Plantation
Cinturato E2 5b ** 182 14m Stanage Plantation
Centaur E2 5c * 67 8m Stanage Plantation
Living at the Speed E1 5b * 376 10m Stanage Plantation
Archangel E3 5b *** 386 22m Stanage Plantation
Giro E2 5c 27 9m Stanage Plantation
Argus E1 5b * 57 8m Stanage Plantation
Shock Horror Slab f6C ** 189 10m Stanage Plantation
Count's Buttress E2 5c *** 257 16m Stanage Plantation
Daydreamer E2 6b *** 115 8m Stanage Plantation
Nightmare Slab E2 5c ** 164 8m Stanage Plantation
Millwheel Wall E1 5b *** 359 12m Burbage South...
Pretzel Logic E3 6a * 20 12m Burbage South...
Zeus E2 5b *** 275 12m Burbage South...
Above and Beyond the Kinaesthetic Barrier f7A *** 39 6m Burbage South Edge
Dork Child E1 5c * 42 8m Burbage South Edge
Pebble Mill E5 6b *** 190 12m Burbage South Edge
Nick Knack Paddywack E2 6b 12 8m Burbage South Edge
Old MacDonald f7A * 2 ? Burbage South Edge
Sorb E2 5c ** 146 10m Burbage South Edge
Fade Away E1 6a 11 ? Burbage South Edge
Recurring Nightmare E5 6b * 23 8m Burbage South Edge
The Knock E4 6a *** 279 8m Burbage South Edge
Yoghurt E3 6b 5 ? Burbage South Edge
The Boggart E2 6b ** 107 14m Burbage South Edge
Boggart Left-hand E3 6a * 102 14m Burbage South Edge
Scroach E2 6a ** 123 21m Curbar Edge
Left Eliminate E1 5c ** 351 11m Curbar Edge
Right Eliminate E3 5c *** 229 17m Curbar Edge
The Toy E1 5c ** 769 7m Curbar Edge
L'Horla E1 5b *** 1199 10m Curbar Edge
Elder Crack E2 5b *** 723 18m Curbar Edge
Canoe E2 5c * 367 6m Curbar Edge
Finger Distance E3 6b ** 277 9m Curbar Edge
Kayak E2 5b ** 1059 9m Curbar Edge
Lepton f6C+ ** 52 6m Curbar Edge
Vain E3 5b ** 21 13m Curbar Edge
Colossus E2 5c * 29 9m Curbar Edge
Saddy E2 5c ** 132 10m Curbar Edge
Smoke ont' Watter Start f6A+ ** 222 ? Curbar Edge
The Squint Start HVS 5b * 25 9m Curbar Edge
Fidget f6C *** 75 7m Curbar Edge
Birthday Groove E1 5c * 48 8m Curbar Edge
Diet of Worms E4 6a ** 51 9m Curbar Edge
Deadbay Groove E2 5c * 16 12m Curbar Edge
Deadbay Crack E1 5b ** 91 11m Curbar Edge
Black Nix Wall E1 5c * 219 8m Curbar Edge
Rat Scabies E3 6b ** 59 10m Curbar Edge
Mr Softee E1 6a 34 16m Curbar Edge
Apollo E2 5c ** 115 19m Curbar Edge
Soyuz E2 5c ** 336 10m Curbar Edge
The Unreachable Star f6B+ *** 198 8m Curbar Edge
Ulysses or Bust E5 6b *** 70 8m Curbar Edge
207 e, 178 stars 32,686 1,155m 98
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