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This is all the routes from chapters 7 and 8 of Peak Rock. I've added these chapters together because there from around the same period and cos it makes for a chunkier list.First up Biven and Peck started out on the grit putting up classics like Moyer's Buttress E15b and Congo Corner HVS5b, then they turned their attention to the limestone and were instrumental in developing aid climbing. I've only included routes that actually went free during this time. The next set of routes were put up by Brown,Whillans and the Rock and Ice MC in the late 50's on grit and by Steve Read,Roy Leeming and others on the limestone. The top climbs from this time were The Rasp E25b, Sentinel Crack E25c and Cave Wall E35c.Again some cunning rope tricks were used on routes like Ramshaw Crack E4 6a and Crack of Gloom E2 5b but i've put them in anyway cos they didn't include out and out aid moves.

Laudi on 'Plexity'  © Andrew Marshall
Laudi on 'Plexity'
planetmarshall, Sep 2018
© Andrew Marshall

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So, where did you get pumped exactly?

The Rasp
So, where did you get pumped exactly?

The File, Sunset Solo

The File
The File, Sunset Solo
© Dan Arkle

Hearse Arete

Hearse Arête
Hearse Arete
© azer

Attempting the Rasp

The Rasp
Attempting the Rasp

Dirty Nasty Ramshaw

Brown's Crack
Dirty Nasty Ramshaw
© Jon Read

Stu soloing the File on Higgar Tor, before finding out the downclimb was covered in ice!

The File
Stu soloing the File on Higgar Tor, before finding out the downclimb was covered in ice!
© Simon Richardson


© Will Rupp

Laudi on 'Plexity'

Laudi on 'Plexity'
© Andrew Marshall

Rivelin or Easter Island? Leah Crane enjoying Croton Oil

Croton Oil
Rivelin or Easter Island? Leah Crane enjoying Croton Oil
© Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH

Rebecca Ting on Pothole Wall, Willersley

Pothole Wall
Rebecca Ting on Pothole Wall, Willersley
© Paul Evans

The rasp

The Rasp
The rasp
© Marc Langley

Sam on a glorious summer evening at Dovestones Edge.

Hanging Crack
Sam on a glorious summer evening at Dovestones Edge.
© davidj

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Congo Corner HVS 5b *** 1652 24m Stanage Popular
Surgeon's Saunter HVS 5b *** 603 18m Stanage North
Easter Rib E1 5b ** 1843 16m Stanage Popular
The Flange HVS 5b ** 1182 16m Stanage Popular
B.P. Super E3 5c 7 28m Stanage Plantation
Mississippi Buttress Direct VS 4c *** 5353 22m Stanage Popular
Moyer's Buttress E1 5b *** 889 21m Gardom's Edge
The Eye of Faith E1 5c *** 479 25m Gardom's Edge
Hearse Arête E1 5b ** 179 20m Gardom's Edge
Excalibur VS 4c ** 1199 20m Lawrencefield
The Delectable Variation VS 4c *** 933 24m Lawrencefield
Cordite Crack VS 4b * 160 18m Lawrencefield
Plexity HVS 5a *** 1136 22m Millstone Edge
Great North Road HVS 5a *** 2960 32m Millstone Edge
The Mall VS 4c *** 3289 22m Millstone Edge
Black Hawk Bastion E3 5c ** 665 16m Stanage Popular
The File VS 4c *** 2058 10m Higgar Tor
The Rasp E2 5b *** 822 14m Higgar Tor
The Puppet Crack HVS 5b ** 104 15m Chatsworth Edge
Emerald Crack E3 6a *** 109 14m Chatsworth Edge
Sentinel Crack E3 5c *** 93 17m Chatsworth Edge
The Big Crack E2 5b *** 825 15m Froggatt Edge
Cave Wall E3 5c *** 96 12m Froggatt Edge
Hanging Crack E2 5b *** 77 16m Dovestones Edge
Predator E2 5c * 229 13m Curbar Edge
Crack of Gloom E1 5b ** 85 20m Roaches Lower Tier
Teck Crack E1 5c ** 129 24m • 2 Roaches Lower Tier
Delstree HVS 5a *** 437 18m Hen Cloud
Hen Cloud Eliminate HVS 5b *** 496 18m Hen Cloud
Bachelor's Left-hand HVS 5b *** 660 24m Hen Cloud
Don's Crack HVS 5b * 186 10m Ramshaw Rocks
Brown's Crack E2 5c ** 162 14m Ramshaw Rocks
Ramshaw Crack E4 6a *** 106 12m Ramshaw Rocks
The Helix HVS 5a *** 28 22m Harston Rocks
Goliath E4 6a *** 194 10m Burbage South Edge
Croton Oil HVS 5a *** 2930 20m Rivelin Edge
Scrim Net f6A ** 229 12m Birchen Edge
Wooden Leg Wall HVS 5c * 80 10m Birchen Edge
Campanile S 4a * 158 32m • 2 Dovedale
Pothole Wall VS 5a *** 530 35m • 2 Willersley Castle...
Lime Street Direct E1 5c *** 424 38m • 2 Willersley Castle...
P.T.O. E2 5c ** 123 34m Willersley Castle...
Guts Ache Groove VS 4c ** 492 35m Willersley Castle...
Sycamore Flake VS 4c * 108 55m • 2 Willersley Castle...
God E1 5b ** 231 28m Willersley Castle...
Garrotter VS 4c ** 595 35m • 2 Willersley Castle...
Original Route HVS 5a *** 1064 35m High Tor
Froth VS 4c ** 595 24m • 2 Stoney Middleton
43 e, 114 stars 36,984 1,035m 55
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