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 MattH 01 Feb 2010

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival
March 12-14 - The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

Tickets Available On-line: http://www.shaff.co.uk/programme/

107m on skis (by accident!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mg-zjgWqFkE&feature=PlayList&p=D34DC35B277E361D&index=8

More amazing Youtube clips to come shortly on UKC as part of the annual ShAFF Playlist.

57m in a kayak: http://www.shaff.co.uk/films/?year=6#film329

More adventure, less air miles. This March the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival will feature 44 action and adventure packed award-winning films featuring adventure sports and travel from around the globe. Get yourself to The Showroom (the largest Independent Cinema outside of London, and voted Best Cultural Venue in the region) and make just one journey for a round-the-world the trip of a lifetime. From sea kayaking and free running in the UK to mountaineering in Papua New Guinea, solo big-wall climbing in California’s Yosemite Valley and 107m waterfall kayaking in Africa, you can take in the films in bite sized 2 hour chunks, as many or as little as you like, all introduced by either the UK’s best ever female climber Lucy Creamer, or Everest Summiteer and professional photographer Ian Parnell. Make sure to take in some of the 24 premieres and experience the big screen, big sound and big audience feel that Youtube and Iphones just can’t offer.

Between stints in front of the screen there’s a whole host of other stuff to do, most of it for free. Bring the kids along for family friendly screenings. Pick up an urban orienteering map, chill out in the photo exhibition with a good book and some live acoustic music. Drop in to the rucksack sale and pick up some second hand kit bargains, have a free physio consultation, or get involved in the Steep Shot photography shoot-out as pro and amateurs battle it out for a substantial cash prize. Donate blood, enjoy a pint of the specially brewed ShAFF beer (preferably not too close to each other!) or have a go in the open Quiz compeered by none other than Sheffield’s own stand-up comedian, climber and author Niall Grimes.

After each of the 5 previous festivals 100% of visitors have said they will come again and bring a friend. That’s a testimonial we aim to repeat this year and long into the future.

Make a weekend of it. Don’t forget that the Peak District is a only a 20 minute train ride away. The festival website will feature discounted accommodation and travel links so that you can make your visit a straightforward as well as fun experience.

Sign Up to keep in touch:
Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=191279803810
Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=268669677338&index=1
Newsletter: http://www.shaff.co.uk/newsletter.php

 MattH 04 Feb 2010
In reply to MattH:

Hot off the press: ShAFF will go High Definition this year. http://www.shaff.co.uk/news/92/shaff-goes-hd
 MattH 19 Feb 2010
In reply to MattH:

Just confirmed: Car Boot Sale at ShAFF

Actually, like a car boot sale, but based on what can be fitted into a rucksack, this sale of outdoor kit will take place throughout the weekend in Screen 5. Transactions will be cash-only (there are planty of cash machines nearby).

If you are intersted in selling at the event please contact us ASAP.

 MattH 25 Feb 2010
In reply to MattH:

Announcing a new competition starting today on UKC.

Each weekday between now and March 11th I'll post two questions on this thread (a general-climbing-knowledge one and a ShAFF-related one). Email the answers to ukccomp@shaff.co.uk and a winner will be chosen from the correct entries at the end of the day. The winner will receive a ticket to a screening of their choice at ShAFF. That's 11 tickets in total. Win them all and you'll be able to take in most of the festival!

Reply to this thread with a key-word and I'll do my best to adapt the following day's general-climbing-knowledge question to the key-word!

I'll post the winner's details and the correct answers here the morning after each set of questions has been posted.

Enjoy and good luck.

Thursday 25th's Questions:
1. In what year was the book 'Hard Rock' first published?
2. How long is the 2010 ShAFF Trailer?

5cifi - BAD SELLER 25 Feb 2010
In reply to MattH: Keyword Ice
 MattH 26 Feb 2010
In reply to 5cifi:

Yesterday's winner was Jake Clark. Jake, I'll be in touch.

Friday 26th's Questions:
1. What is the name of the threaded protection point often manufactured by climbers when winter climbing?
2. Which rock climbing legend will give a live book reading of his new book on the Friday of ShAFF?

Don't forget a key-word or two for Monday's questions.

 MattH 28 Feb 2010
In reply to MattH:

In reply to MattH:

Friday's winner was William Wilson. William, I will be in touch. The answers were:

1. Abalokov Thread
2. Ron Fawcett

I'm posting Monday's questions tonight as I am out early tomorrow.

Monday 1st's Questions:
1. Which British climber climbed and BASE jumped off Mount Asgard in 2009.
2. What does ShAFF stand for?

And don't forget to post a key-word or three for Tuesday's questions.

Oh, on Friday I forgot to post the answers to Thursday's questions. They were:

1. 1974
2. 1m 44s
 MattH 02 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

The answers to Monday 1st's questions were:

1. Leo Houlding
2. Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

The winner was Alex Buisse. Alex, I will be in touch shortly.

Tuesday 2nd's questions are:

1. What nationality is climber Adam Ondra?
2. How many times has ShAFF been held before 2010?

Don't forget to post a key-word...

 4291 02 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

I think a more interesting question would be why is an other wise excellent trailer spoilt by that stupid microsoft faked waterslide advert?

 MattH 02 Mar 2010
In reply to Mr Plow:

Hi Mr Plow,
It's there on the basis that it's an amusing spoof. At the weekend I introduced some ShAFF films to about 70 kids and their parents, and showed them the trailer first. The clip at the end raised a giant laugh from all who watched it.

 MattH 03 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

Tuesday's answers were:

1. Czech
2. 4 times

Wednesday 3rd's questions are:

1. Which outspoken climber made the first ascent of Comes The Dervish?
2. What is the name of the Liverpudlian free-runner who will feature in two films at ShAFF 2010?

 MattH 04 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

Wednesday 3rd's answers were:

1. Stevie Haston
2. Daniel Ilabaca

Thursday 4th's questions are:

1. What's the second highest mountain in Wales?
2. Name one of the photographers who will be competing in the Arc'teryx Adventure Shot on the Saturday night at ShAFF.

 MattH 05 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

Rather than keep duplicating the questions here each day I'm only updating them here: http://www.ukhillwalking.com/forums/t.php?t=396641
 MattH 14 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

Best Of ShAFF Programm tonight announced (8pm): Revolution 1, Alone On The Wall, Art, Signatures, Uruca, Birdman Of The Karakoram. Details: http://www.shaff.co.uk/programme/#programme129

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