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  NEXT WEEK: London Mountain Film Festival 2021 Rebecca May
85 17:30 Mon
  Roc-Bloc Cardiff - reopening 3rd May Steve Mayers
178 22:06 Thu
  Life Insurance for Climbers Summit...
10,785 18-Dec-19
  JOBS: Alpkit Store Manager - Ambleside Alpkit
69 14:11 Thu
  CAN's Mountaineering Quiz 2021 Denise Prior...
409 19:42 Thu
NEWS: Paul Davies Appointed as BMC CEO UKC/UKH News
3,742 23:22 Thu
National Parks Without the Crowds: Lake District UKH Articles
67 15:42 Thu
ARTICLE: Meet the activists helping to diversify the outdoors: Pammy Johal UKC/UKH...
4,162 15:27 Thu
ARTICLE: Ring Ouzels on the Eastern Edges UKC/UKH...
137 11:59 Thu
NEWS: Call for Snowdon to be known only by Welsh name Yr Wyddfa UKC/UKH News
5,894 11:15 Thu
ARTICLE: Polish Scouting in the UK - My Route into the Outdoors UKC/UKH...
671 13:25 Tue
Inclusion in the Outdoors: A Survey UKC/UKH...
1,677 16:46 Sun
INTERVIEW: Nick Gardner, Aiming for all the Munros at 81 UKH Articles
45 30-Apr-21
COMPETITION: Win a pair of Dolomite Velocissima UKC/UKH...
208 29-Apr-21
Environmental Etiquette - the dos and don'ts on hills and crags UKC/UKH...
348 26-Apr-21
COMPETITION: Win a Grangers bundle worth over £80 UKC/UKH...
150 26-Apr-21
COMPETITION: Win a Montane Azote Rucksack with Summit Financial Services UKC/UKH...
203 24-Apr-21
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKH Gear
23 23-Apr-21
NEWS: Earth Day and the Outdoors - How You Can Help UKC/UKH News
126 22-Apr-21
OPINION: It's Time to End Burning on Grouse Moors UKC/UKH...
4,322 21-Apr-21
VIDEO: Julbo Sunglasses: Monterosa 2, Montebianco 2 and Shield M UKH Videos
30 20-Apr-21
NEWSFLASH: New Paddy Buckley Record for Kim Collison UKC/UKH News
257 19-Apr-21
Lake District Scrambles: 10 of the best UKC/UKH...
510 19-Apr-21
NEWS: Scots return to the hills, but are urged to do so responsibly UKH News
69 16-Apr-21
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKH Gear
24 16-Apr-21
National Parks without the crowds: Cairngorms UKH Articles
51 14-Apr-21
Meet the activists helping to diversify the outdoors: Cherelle Harding of Steppers UK UKC/UKH...
1,834 12-Apr-21
Mountain Literature Classics: A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor UKH Articles
50 12-Apr-21
VIDEO: Respect the Wild - Tips for Responsible Wild Camping and Vanning UKC/UKH News
1,848 11-Apr-21
PRESS RELEASE: Berghaus to promote diversity, inclusion and mental health with new ambassadors UKC/UKH Gear
3,200 09-Apr-21
ARTICLE: The Last Ice Man of Chimborazo UKC/UKH...
623 09-Apr-21
IN FOCUS: The Rough Guide to Climbing in the Solar System UKC/UKH...
1,484 09-Apr-21
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKH Gear
20 09-Apr-21
NEWS: UKC/UKH Release Non-Fungible Tokens UKC/UKH News
1,821 08-Apr-21
COMPETITION: WINNER - Enter Outside's competition and win a Gore-Tex jacket from Rab UKC/UKH...
465 08-Apr-21
NEWS: Lockdown Easing: Stay Local, Think Twice, Stay Safe UKC/UKH News
3,583 06-Apr-21
NEWS: Hillwalking to be renamed 'Wild Walking' UKH News
111 01-Apr-21
ARTICLE: Where's Your Head At? Keep Mental Health in Check Post-Lockdown UKC/UKH...
671 31-Mar-21
ARTICLE: Hiking the Jordan Trail UKH Articles
132 31-Mar-21
NEWS: MBA maintained Bothies still closed until further notice UKH News
75 29-Mar-21
VIDEO: The Top of the Unparallel Range: The Flagship UKH Videos
26 29-Mar-21
ARTICLE: Desert Island Peaks: Mark Richards UKH Articles
81 29-Mar-21
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKH Gear
21 26-Mar-21
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a pair of Black Diamond Prime approach shoes UKC/UKH...
546 25-Mar-21
ARTICLE: Peregrines in the White Peak UKC/UKH...
1,447 24-Mar-21
Reclaim these Peaks - Women's Safety Outdoors is Everyone's Problem UKC/UKH...
9,240 23-Mar-21
ARTICLE: Desert Island Peaks: Kevin Woods UKH Articles
88 23-Mar-21
NEWS: Backpacking Films for when you Can't go Backpacking UKH News
96 22-Mar-21
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a Mountain Equipment Squall Hooded Jacket or Squall Hooded Women's Jac UKC/UKH...
1,147 16-Mar-21
ARTICLE: Desert Island Peaks: Graham Uney UKH Articles
86 15-Mar-21
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKH Gear
40 12-Mar-21
ARTICLE: Food for Free: Early Spring Foraging UKH Articles
81 12-Mar-21
SITE UPDATES: Videos and Saved Content UKC/UKH News
918 11-Mar-21
NEWS: International Women's Day Call for Pitches - Women Writers Welcomed! UKC/UKH News
2,614 11-Mar-21
PRESS RELEASE: Polartec® Announces Peaking Since '91 Campaign - Win a Polartec fleece UKC/UKH Gear
511 10-Mar-21
VIDEO: Completing the Munros with Deaf walker David Thompson UKH News
73 09-Mar-21
COMPETITION: WINNER - Outdoor Research Helium Wind Hoody UKC/UKH...
771 08-Mar-21
Desert Island Peaks: Sarah Jane Douglas UKH Articles
84 08-Mar-21
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKH Gear
57 05-Mar-21
ARTICLE: Hike Norway - 10 Best Treks of the South UKH Articles
73 04-Mar-21
Desert Island Peaks: Rob Woodall UKH Articles
73 03-Mar-21
ARTICLE: The Huws - 100 great Welsh hills under 2000ft UKH Articles
124 03-Mar-21
INTERVIEW: In pursuit of purity: going solo on the Winter Bob Graham Round UKC/UKH...
1,914 02-Mar-21
NEWS: Cairngorms recreated in computer game Minecraft UKH News
82 26-Feb-21
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKH Gear
31 26-Feb-21
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