help choosing a shell. Triolet?

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 scar7 28 Jan 2023

Looking for a 3L goretex shell. Want something bomber for winter hiking, but also for a bit of skiing ideally. Not too fussed on the weight, just want something that'll last. Leaning towards the patagonia triolet, as ive read lots of good stuff about it, but then i saw the ME tupilak and lhotse shells on trekitt for a similar price to the triolet and they use gtx pro (no idea how diff that is to reg gtx?).

Any help on what to pick would be appreciated, as im at that stage where im so unsure i just put it off and dont commit. Other suggestions welcome, budget is £350. diolch.

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I have owned a Lhotse, and now use a Tupilak, which is quite simply the best jacket that I have ever owned.

The Lhotse was good, it lasted 5 winters, 4 of them Orkney winters during which it was subjected to all kinds of vile weather on a daily basis, but the zip started jamming in the thinner 40denier material, which eventually caused it to fail, and the GoreTex membrane failed at the back of the neck. Replaced the zip myself and still use it for forestry work and dog walking.

I have had the Tupilak for over 30 months now, and it has seen plenty of use on the Lakeland fells (I moved south from Orkney). The thicker 80denier fabric never jams in the zip, and overall feels a lot more robust, despite the jacket weighing the same (~500g). Note that it has less features than the Lhotse, in particular, no side pockets, and no pit zips. But as I said, the best jacket that I have ever owned, absolutely bombproof, and well worth the £265 that I paid for it in a sale (The Climbers Shop).

Can be had for less than £300 now if you shop around (I searched online a few weeks ago).

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Regarding Gore Tex Pro - I run hot and it really seems to work. I don't have a modern conventional Gore Tex jacket to compare it with, though.

OP scar7 28 Jan 2023
In reply to WildAboutWalking:

interesting. How have u found the hood on the tupilak? get the impression its massive on days when u dont need a helmet...

 LCWatson 29 Jan 2023
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> interesting. How have u found the hood on the tupilak? get the impression its massive on days when u dont need a helmet...

I've got a tupilak and echo WildAboutWalking's opinion. It's wonderful. Never had an issue with the hood without a helmet, cinches down really well. And love that the zip goes up past your chin so it's really good to hide away from the weather with.

In reply to scar7:

ME Changabang, goretex pro, mountain fit for layering up, pit zips, ski pass pocket, snow skirt, absolute bomber construction.  Best jacket I have ever had for winter hills, skiing and all round bad weather.  Expensive but shop around and it can be had for significantly less than RRP.


 midgen 29 Jan 2023
In reply to scar7:

I have the ME Lhotse, I'd probably get the Tupilak if I bought again as I never use the hand pockets or pit zips, but I got the Lhotse in a sale at a v good price. The cut of ME gear is always excellent, the Lhotse is equally good trudging in the rain or waving tools around above your hear. 

 TobyA 29 Jan 2023
In reply to scar7:

Cheaper options here:

More expensive (many models Gore tex PRO) here - including the Tupilak:

Patagonia don't advertise on UKC so don't put up gear for reviews, but for what it is worth I was idly googling and found this review (Switchback do good reviews I reckon although are very US focused which doesn't always help for UK conditions) and they note it's not particularly breathable - I guess that's the second tier Gore Tex, as opposed to the Goretex Pro. I think in the UKC bombproof winter shells test there is a mix of Pro and non-Pro goretex but the both the Gore jackets I reviewed in that test were Pro, so unfortunately the only other modern Gore tex jkt I've got to compare them with is Paclite which is meant to be a third tier in terms of breathabilty IIRC (but which I was surprised by because the Berghaus Paclite I reviewed in the cheaper shells test seemed to breath quite well!).

In reply to scar7:

The hood on the Tupilak and Lhotse is voluminous, but it cinches down nicely, if that is the right word. I have found it very effective in driving rain, spindrift etc.

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