Nicky Spinks Runs Double Ramsay Round

Nicky Spinks has become the first person to complete a double Ramsay Round in a time of 55:56:38. The Ramsay is a classic 24-hour challenge which begins in Glen Nevis and takes in 58 miles and 28,000ft of ascent over 24 peaks. It is far more technical than the Bob Graham Round and involves some far more remote sections, which make it logistically harder to support.

Starting at midnight on Saturday, Nicky has run through unusually sweltering conditions supported by her friends, as well as fell running legend Joss Naylor and Charlie Ramsey; the first person to run the round in 1978. Early on Sunday morning, Nicky was 30 minutes up on her schedule although gradually fell behind her aim of 48 hours due to the extreme heat.

The incredible @nickyspinks has now bagged 19 summits out of 48 in her attempt to become the first person to run a 116-mile Double Ramsay Round in the Scottish mountains. The 51-year old ultra runner and cancer survivor has been on the mountains for more than 18 hours. . Supported by friends - including fell running legend Joss Naylor - Nicky is finding it tough in sweltering conditions but is eating well and as determined as ever. . These photos were taken on section three, which saw Nicky summit Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin (twice) and Stob Coire Easain (the turning point). . Discover more about Nicky's route, her motivations for undertaking this challenge, and follow her progress via the live tracker 👉 Click on our link in the profile bio. . Nicky is also raising money for cancer charity Odyssey. Donate 👉 . 📷: @theleeprocter . #inov8 #graphenegrip #doubleramsay #running #ultrarunning #trailrunning #fellrunning #inspiration #ramsayround #scotland #fortwilliam #bennevis #munros #hillrunning #mountains #thisgirlcan #cancersurvivor

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Nicky on a reccy of the round, 111 kb
Nicky on a reccy of the round
© Nicky Spinks

Nicky ran the route in an anti-clockwise direction up to Stob Coire Easain (summit 16 of 48), before turning around and retracing her steps to the Glen Nevis Youth Hostel. From here, she went straight up Ben Nevis and over to Stob Coire Easain for a second time and turned around again for the homeward straight and a long descent from Ben Nevis. Charlie Ramsay has classed it as a 'Double Ramsey Round with a variation' on his website.

Two years ago, Nicky became the second person to complete a double Bob Graham, following in the footsteps of Roger Baumeister. This round marked the ten year anniversary of Nicky's recovery from cancer and was the subject of the UKC/UKH documentary; Run Forever.

Congratulations Nicky and we hope to see you on a double Paddy Buckley in the not too distant future...

Nicky was raising money for cancer charity Odyssey and has so far raised £15,000. You can donate here.

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I understand where you're coming from but since no one has done (or reported having done) a double round or variation before then this becomes the record. As is mentioned in the thread, anyone could have come along and...
Yes. Mike Hartley, July 1990, in 3 days 14 hours 20 minutes including driving. With round times of 21 hours 14 mins (Ramsay), 23 hours 48 mins (BG) and 33 hours 30 mins (PB, for which sub-24's not actually stipulated)! ...
Why should it end anywhere? Yes, sooner or (most likely) later someone will try a triple, and a quad, according to whatever arbitrary rules they decide to set. Which will either be accepted as an official record, or...
It is an incredible achievement, it's a shame that the sponsors claim that its a double opens it up to scrutiny which can detract from the amazing feat of running.  If i were to do something like this it would be 2...
To me a double round should be 2 circuits of the single round - otherwise it's not a double. Not covering the circuits in legs or sections. In athletics an  800m race is twice round the 400m track - not one one lap...
This: an amazing achievement...I reckon most of the population would not even consider such a feat possible, by anyone of any age, let alone 51 when so many use age as an excuse not to achieve in the physical realm.

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