New Bothy At Camasunary Finally Opens

The Mountain Bothies Association has today announced the opening of the brand new bothy at Camasunary on Skye. The building, which is now ready for visitors, is on the east side of the bay about 1km from the previous MBA-maintained bothy.

MBA volunteers at work on the new bothy, 165 kb
MBA volunteers at work on the new bothy
© Mountain Bothies Association

Designed to hold about 15 people, the new bothy was built in 2014 by 59 Commando Squadron Royal Engineers, and has since been fitted out by MBA volunteers. The old bothy now reverts to private use.

'We are very grateful to the owner, Alan Johnson, without whose generosity there would now have been no basic accommodation available in the area, and to 59 Commando Squadron Royal Engineers who constructed the building as a community project' say the MBA in a statement.

'The bothy was fitted out in memory of Neil (Bell) Mackenzie who lost his life in 2015 on Joffre Peak in Canada. We also thank all the MBA volunteers who turned out, sometimes in horrendous weather conditions, to prepare the site and fit out the building.'

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