BBC TV Celebrates 50 Years of Bothying

A programme will be aired shortly on BBC2 Scotland to mark 50 years of the Mountain Bothies Association. Bothy Life explores the culture of bothying and the work of the volunteers who keep them going. ​

The documentary presents 'the story of the unsung heroes of Scotland's mountains' says the BBC blurb. 

'For 50 years the volunteers of the Mountain Bothy Association have been providing shelter for people travelling through the wilder parts of the country.'

'They selflessly give up their time and dry clothes to renovate old buildings for the benefit of others. This entertaining documentary celebrates their work and the spirit of adventure and camaraderie of those who step out into the hills.'

Here are some clips from the programme.

Most bothies just have a spade but Corrour has the luxury of a compost toilet. UKH regular Neil Reid is the lucky man tasked with changing the toilet bag:

A wild and magical place with an intriguing history, getting to Strathcailleach bothy involves walking along stunning Sandwood Bay and across a desolate moor:

Kenny Young, who looks after Brattleburn bothy, on guitar: 


  • Bothy Life: BBC2 Scotland 9pm Wednesday December ​and 23:45 Thursday 10 December. Then for the rest of us on iPlayer


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