Ben Nevis Snow Warning

Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team have issued a 'wee warning' about the amont of snow still lying on Ben Nevis after two walkers were injured at the weekend in an uncontrolled slide down the Red Burn.

The Red Burn in spring - not a nice landing, 183 kb
The Red Burn in spring - not a nice landing
© Dan Bailey

'After a few [quiet] weeks things kicked off again yesterday with two rescues in one where two people descending [the] Red Burn slipped on the snow and sli[d] very very long distances (miles in their words!!!)' the team said on their Facebook page.

'Not having ice axes meant that they were trying to stop their slides with their hands, which looked as if they had been through a mince grinder. Both suffered head injuries and multiple lacerations to hands, heads and other exposed parts of the body. Both think that they had been knocked out at some point.'

'We were assisted by Rescue 951 (new coastguard).'

'A wee warning to walkers going up Ben Nevis: [there's] still lots of snow and when descending don't be tempted to bum slide down the Red Burn as it is a very hard landing at bottom - stick to the path.' 

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