Waymaking - Outdoor Art and Writing By Women

Waymaking is a new anthology of work on wild landscapes and adventure by women. We are currently looking for submissions, writing or artwork that draws inspiration from womens' experiences of the natural world.

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The idea formed over the last couple of years, in conversations between myself and my two fellow editors on the project, Claire Carter and Helen Mort. We have each been inspired in our work by women writing about their own adventures and experiences in wild places. Nan Shepherd and Gwen Moffat are two such writers who broke the mould in many ways with their work. Compare them to their contemporaries and their voices are different, the results of their work beautiful and incredibly inspirational.

However the three us have also been struck by the relative scarcity of such writing by women compared to men. Why is that? It’s surely not because women are any less inspired by wild places and adventure than men!

We hope to encourage women to submit work to us for publication in the project. The Waymaking anthology aims to show the varied, wonderful ways that this inspiration has taken shape.

It’s not only writing we’re after, we would love artwork too. By ‘artwork’ we mean all sorts of stuff - painting, collage, photography - the only requirement is that it needs to be presentable in a book format.

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We are keen to receive work from non-established as well as established writers and artists. If you feel inspired by the idea please don’t feel shy or inhibited - go for it!

And while it will be brilliant to receive submissions that describe or illustrate extreme climbs or other tough achievements, please don’t feel they have to.

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While we each have our own idea of what the book will look like, in all honesty it will be shaped by the submissions we receive. That’s one of the exciting things about it! We have already had some amazing work submitted and we are really looking forward to working with our writers and artists, and our publishers Vertebrate Publishing, to make what we think has the potential to be an awesome book.

  • The closing date for submissions is 1st September 2015. After that we will knuckle down and edit; Waymaking will be published in early 2016.
  • You can find out how to submit work on our website.
  • All royalties from the sale of the book will be donated to charity, shared between Rape Crisis and the John Muir Trust.

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