Are We On Track For Sunniest Winter On Record?

While this winter is shaping up to be fairly average for temperatures and rainfall, it could potentially end up the sunniest UK winter since records began, according to the Met Office.

Winter sun - are we on course for a record?, 144 kb
Winter sun - are we on course for a record?
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If we have average sunshine for the rest of February, then it’s likely to be in the top few sunniest winters in the UK record dating back to 1929. With luck it might even beat the 2001 record of 189 hours, say forecasters.

December and January were both sunny across much of the country, especially in the east. So far northern England and eastern Scotland have had a sunny February, some places already receiving close to the whole month average. February's temperatures have been a little lower than average too, thanks to the high pressure and clear skies.

Fingers crossed for more of that. 


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