Happy International Mountain Day!

Today, 11 December, is officially the UN's annual International Mountain Day. Who knew?

An Teallach, 226 kb
An Teallach
© Garbhanach, Nov 2014

In 2002 the General Assembly made International Mountain Day an annual thing, and encouraged the international community to organize events to highlight the importance of sustainable mountain development.

This year it celebrates mountain farming, an ancient practice now undergoing rapid change (some good, some not so).

'Here we have an opportunity to raise awareness about how mountain agriculture, which is predominantly family farming, has been a model for sustainable development for centuries' says the UN website.

OK it may not have much to do with mountain farming, unless you count deer (sustainability debatable), but at UKH we'd like to mark the day with this hyper-real take on An Teallach. Just because. 

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