FRI NIGHT VID: Where Walking Took Me

Glasgow-based film maker Jen Randall's Where Walking Took Me won Best Short Film at last week's Kendal Mountain Festival.

Shot for the BMC, it's a lovely gentle piece following Jen and her Dad as they revisit a walk they first did together when she was a nipper. For Jen it was the start of a lifetime in the outdoors.

We asked Jen to tell us a little about herself, her company Light Shed Pictures, and walking in general:

'We shot Where Walking Took Me in July this year, over one day on two beaches in Fife. The crew was me, my husband on camera and of course my Dad' she said.

'I started walking with my Dad when I was quite young. I'm not exactly sure what our first adventure was, we had lots of family camping trips etc, but the Chain Walk in the film was certainly among the first, and our first big one has to be when we hiked Ben Nevis over a weekend. I was 11 and remember it being lovely and hot, we swam at every opportunity and I went back to school on Monday feeling like a secret hero.'

'Walking is a funny thing for me - on one hand I love it because of the memories it has given me and all the trips I went on with my Dad. It always amazes me how far you can plod in one day, and I love getting to places that are so huge and silent and empty. On the other hand I've never been quick going uphill and no matter how fit I get it never feels any easier, and these days I usually have to add a load of camera gear to my pack so I'm slower than ever. I don't often go out walking just for the sake of it anymore, it will normally be to get to a climb or for work, but maybe that will change. Making films about it is certainly making it a bigger part of my life again.'

'I've been making films for a number of years now. I studied video and photography at art school then film production at film school and graduated in 2009, and have continued since then, so filmmkaing is a big part of my life and one of those things that I can't seem to stop doing. Like climbing or being outdoors, once you get an idea of an adventure you want to go on or a film you want to make, it's almost impossible to leave it alone.'

  • A few people have asked us where exactly Jen shot this film. It's Fife's Elie Chain Walk, perhaps the UK's first ever Via Ferrata (type thing), and an excellent quirky family micro adventure. For a description see this UKH Route Card  

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