Norwegian Mountain on the Point of Collapse

Mannen, a mountain above Rauma in the Romsdal area of Norway, is on the brink of collapse. Recent heavy rain has led to experts to think that it may not last another 24 hours.

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The 1295m peak, part of a plateau about the steep glacial valley of Romsdalen, has been monitored for movement for several years. Now, according to Åndalsnes Avis, this movement has increased to 2-3 cm per day.

Depending on rainfall, experts believe that large parts could collapse at any moment. They think it will happen in the next 24 hours. People living in the affected area have been evacuated and the Raumabanen railway has been closed. 

Norway Mountain collapse , 75 kb

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It has rained in Rauma since 7 pm last night Oct 27), and movement of the rock mass has increased to a fairly steady 7 mm per hour in places. Geologist in charge Lars Harald Blikra thinks it extremely likely a collapse will come within a few hours or possibly this evening. 

Speculation is growing whether the predicted collapse of this "Lille Mannen" (The small man) could destabilize the adjacent "Store Mannen" (The big man), but the geologists state that they so far have no information which can confirm that.

Blasting all or remaining portions is not yet on the immediate agenda but may be considered depending on how the situation develops.

There are several much larger areas in Norway where large rock masses are unstable and where unexpected collapses would have widespread and fatal consequences. Mannen is the first very large rock mass that has been monitored for several years that is now predicted to fall down, and as such is seen as an important test of the efficacy of the surveillance. 

TV2 stream (angle is often better with the clouds) 

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