Rab Mountain Marathon Takes Place End of Sep

The annual Rab Mountain Marathon will be held on the 27-28 September. This year's event centres on the southern and eastern Lake District.

A summit stop on last year's event, 92 kb
A summit stop on last year's event
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It is a 'vast and varied' area, according to race organiser Shane Ohly, encompassing both the high fells and lower level morland with complex terrain features.

The event, which has gained a popular following since its launch in 2007, is a two-day fell running and navigation challenge for solo or pairs of competitors, and includes one night's wild camp.

With two courses, a long score and a short score, plus a non-competitive walker's class, there's something for everyone from elite runners downwards.

Snowdonia, the Lake District, the Howgills and the Cheviots have all been previous locations for the Rab Mountain Marathon.

The event website has the following advice:

'Competitors will be tackling some very challenging mountain terrain.'

'If they are not competent and confident when moving across steep, rough mountain terrain, they will inevitably spend longer on the hills than they anticipated. In view of this, competitors are asked to make a realistic assessment of their capabilities and ensure that they don’t bite off more than they can chew!’

'Competitors should be prepared for the worst possible conditions as the competition area can be isolated and the hills are exposed to serious weather. Bear in mind that once competitors have started they are very much on their own. Although the organisers will ensure that the event is as safe as possible, without diminishing the nature of the challenge, competitor safety is ultimately the competitor’s personal responsibility, just as it is with any trip into the hills.'

'Competitors should prepare for the Rab Mountain Marathonby training and running on mountain terrain where possible and by practising fine map reading and compass skills.'

  • For more info see the event website

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