Walker Dies on The Storr

A Belgian walker died yesterday on the Trotternish ridge after falling about 600 feet in poor visibility.

The Storr's cliffs, 199 kb
The Storr's cliffs
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The man, who has not yet been named, is reported to have been chasing after some camping equipment in wind and low cloud when he fell from cliffs on The Storr

Gerry Ackroyd, leader of Skye Mountain Rescue Team is quoted in the Telegraph:

'He just went over the edge and fell about 600 feet. It is very tragic.'

'He was from Belgium and with three friends who were doing the Trotternish Ridge. They had camped about 30 feet below the summit of the Storr and were decamping when the accident happened'

'The lad chased after something that was blowing away in the wind. It was a pure accident' Gerry Ackroyd told the paper.

In the poor visibility it took rescuers three hours to find the body among a number of gullies. The team assisted one of the other walkers from the mountain while the other two made their own way down.


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