Langdale Campsite Turns 50

The National Trust's perennially popular campsite at Langdale celebrates its half century later this year, and staff have invited campers to share their memories of the site from the 60s until the present day.

Camping in comfort, Great Langdale campsite, 103 kb
Camping in comfort, Great Langdale campsite
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The campsite, which was the first to be opened by the NTS, is hosting a retro camping weekend on 7 and 8 September. Campers are invited to dig out their crustiest old motheaten equipment, and prizes will be given for the best vintage gear. For the genuine old timers, the weekend's revels will be completed with a 60s music night at the nearby Sticklebarn pub [hopefully not compulsory, Ed.].

Campsite Manager John Kelly said:

'1963 was quite a year in the Lakes and across the world. It was the year of the Aldermaston marches and Harold Wilson's speech about the 'white heat of technology' bringing unprecedented change. Dr Who was broadcast for the first time and Billy Liar was showing in cinemas.'

'If any of these bring back your memories of a holiday at Langdale Campsite, we'd love to hear from you to help celebrate 50 years of wonderful camping at the heart of the Lake District. I'm sure there are hundreds of people who first came as a child, but have come back time and time again, perhaps now bringing their grandkids with them.'

Staff at Langdale are already compiling stories and photos from the history of the site and plan a 'gallery wall' in the site's shop and reception area.

Former campers with stories or vintage pictures of nights under canvas can send them in by email - if they can work out how operate the infernal newfangled device.

Langdale Campsite, which is thronged with climbers and walkers every sunny weekend, has recently moved with the times, with the addition of a biomass boiler for hot water, a bouldering wall and a popular orienteering course.

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