Derwent Dams Bus on Winter Timetable

Walkers visiting the reservoirs in the Peak's Upper Derwent Valley are being advised that the minibus service between Fairholmes and Kings Tree will finish earlier in the day for the winter season.

Howden Dam, 149 kb
Howden Dam
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The Sunday service 222 Upper Derwent Bus carries passengers from the car park at Fairholmes to the end of the waterside road at Kings Tree, overlooking Howden reservoir.

Tim Nicholson, the Peak District National Park Authority's transport officer, said:

'Since the clocks went back and it gets dark earlier, the bus has not carried any passengers on the last two runs of the day and these are the services being withdrawn.'

'The rest of the 222 bus timetable will continue to be operated as advertised, and we hope that people will continue to enjoy this scenic bus ride through the Upper Derwent Valley.'

From Sunday December 2 until Sunday February 24, the last bus from Fairholmes to Kings Tree will run at 15:50. The last bus will leave Kings Tree at 16:10, arriving back at Fairholmes at 16:25, Fearfall Wood at 16:30, and Bamford Railway Station at 16:35.

The usual later-running services will resume from Sunday March 3 2013 onwards.

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