Comment While You Can on New Welsh Access Maps

The Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) has issued a reminder for landowners and outdoor user groups that the deadline for submitting representations on the new draft maps of open access land is 23 November 2012.

Mynydd Mawr, 124 kb
Mynydd Mawr
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Hillwalkers and climbers have only a few weeks to register their views on any changes to right-to-roam areas in Wales.

In May 2005 the Countryside and Rights of Way Act (CROW) came into force, clearly identifying open access land in Wales and England. One fifth of Wales is mapped as 'access land' where the public have a right of access on foot.

CCW is required by law to review the maps of open access to mountain, moor, heath, downland and registered common land every ten years. The review started in July this year, when CCW issued the new draft maps for consultation.

Richard Owen, CCW's Mapping Review Project Manager said:

'Once the closing day for representations has passed – 23 November - we will study the requested changes and re-map as necessary and appropriate. In many cases we will also visit the land in question to review the requested changes to the draft maps.'

'Because of the quality of the original mapping work, we don't envisage dramatic changes – but some changes are anticipated, for example if there have been changes in land use or if boundaries need modifying.'

The new draft maps can be viewed on the CCW's practically impenetrable website.

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