Hutchison Hut Closed in September

From 31 August the Hutchison Memorial Hut will be closed to the public for approximately three weeks for major construction and maintenance work.

Hutchison Hut in May, 90 kb
Hutchison Hut in May
© nick nc, May 2005

This small, spartan bothy stands alone in a wild location well-situated for walks and climbs in the Ben Macdui and Loch Avon area, but anyone who's used it - particularly in winter - will know how cramped and cold it can feel. Any improvements that are made this September will be welcome.

Major renovations due to be undertaken by Mountain Bothies Association (MBA) volunteers include replacement of the roof, insulation of the walls and floor, and rebuilding of the porch area. A stove is also promised [thank god, Ed.], though future bothy users should bring their own fuel since there's no wood source in the area.

The work will largely be carried out over three weekends from August 31, but some will also take place midweek. The MBA cannot yet say when exactly the Hut will become available again since progress will be weather dependent. They advise intending users to be prepared to camp during the whole period that the renovation will be taking place and for a few days subsequently. Further information will be provided when available on the MBA website.

Founded in 1965, the Mountain Bothies Association exists to maintain remote buildings for which the owner has little or no use, yet which remain important to walkers and climbers. They don't own any bothies but merely maintain them with the agreement and encouragement of the owners. All maintenance work is financed from their own resources and carried out by volunteers.

Heading for the Hutchison Hut, 142 kb
Heading for the Hutchison Hut
© Dan Bailey

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