Exhibition Marks North York Moors 60th

A programme of events to mark the 60th anniversary of The North York Moors National Park begins next month with an exhibition featuring local landscape painters and photographers including Joe Cornish.

Rainstorm at Sunset, Roseberry Topping, 155 kb
Rainstorm at Sunset, Roseberry Topping
© Joe Cornish

'Inspired Landscape' features a diverse collection of work by six of the region's leading contemporary artists, all of whom have built up sizeable reputations both nationally and internationally - painters Peter Hicks, Len Tabner and William Tillyer, glass artists Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones and photographer Joe Cornish. The body of work reflects each artist's exploration of the North York Moors.

'The North York Moors has long been a magnet for artists' said Andy Wilson, Chief Executive of the National Park Authority. 'I am thrilled that six of our resident artists, now at the top of their respective fields, have agreed to put on this very special exhibition to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the National Park'.

A book accompanying the exhibition includes a foreword by film-maker Richard Burridge extolling 'the particular magic of the Moors, the solace of its emptiness, the sweep of plunging vistas, the cloak of its wildness, the deep pleasures of its endlessly changing light.'

'Inspired Landscape' runs from 13 May - 17 July at the Inspired by... Gallery, The Moors National Park Centre, Danby. For more info see the gallery website

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