The Llanberis Mountain Film Festival 2010: 5th to 7th of March

Slate Climber, 114 kbThe Llanberis Mountain Film Festival 2010 will be held on the weekend of 5th to 7th of March.

Tickets are now on sale and are available at


There's a great line up of speakers including Stephen Venables, Jim Perrin, Dave MacLeod, Steve McClure, James McHaffie, Pete Robins, Jack Geldard, Martin Chester, Paul Gannon, George Smith, Elvyn Jones, John Cousins, Hosey B and more. Dave Macleod and Steve McClure will be doing masterclasses as well as speaking.


Many of the latest climbing and outdoor films will be shown including the Best of Banff, and the final line up of the LLAMFF film competition will be announced early February.

LLAMFF/UKC PHOTO COMPETITION in conjunction with LLAMFF are hosting a photography competition which begins this week at UKC, more details later in the week. The winners will have their images printed by Living Art of Hathersage: (


John Redhead will have a multi-media 'intervention', called Remains of languedoc (more details at and Phil Gibson will be exhibiting some of his illustrations of mountains and cliffs.

More on Stephen Venables and his presentation at LLAMFF, In the Steps of Shackleton.

In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton set out on his expedition to cross Antarctica via the South Pole. However, early in 1915 disaster struck when his ship, Endurance, was crushed by the Antarctic ice. Leaving his crew marooned on Elephant island, Shackleton set out with five companions in a tiny lifeboat in search of help. After a sixteen day voyage 800 miles across the Southern Ocean they landed on South Georgia's deserted south coast. Here Shackleton continued on foot with two of his men, crossing thirty miles of unknown, unmapped glacial mountains, with no mountaineering equipment. They finally reached the whaling station of Stromness on the north coast where they were able to summon a successful rescue for their remaining 22 companions.

Stephen Venables
© Stephen Venables

In the last ten years, Stephen has twice has twice repeated Shackleton's famous crossing of South Georgia. The first time, in 2000, he was with Conrad Anker and world famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner, during the making of the IMAX movie Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure. He returned in 2008, this time sailing from the Falklands on Skip Novak's yacht Pelagic Australis, to guide the 'Beyond Endurance' team on their crossing.

Stephen's new show brings Shackleton's epic escape from Antarctica to life, with stunning photos and film footage illustrating the explorer's treacherous journey over the mountains. As Stephen explains, “Shackleton's expedition is one of the great epics of exploration – a tale of escape and survival more miraculous than any fiction.” With his highly acclaimed photos and natural gifts as a storyteller, Stephen captures the thrill of climbing, skiing and sailing in a place of such haunting beauty.

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