Kendal Mountain Festivals: A woman’s place?

Whilst climbing and mountaineering is a sport long dominated by men, participation levels amongst women have increased and women represent around 25% of all climbers according to the BMC. Women enjoy climbing as much as men (that's official) and the elite women perform quite often as well as the top boys (that's also official).

But, still there are issues. Common questions include:
"Are there barriers, perceived or real, that prevent women from starting climbing? Is climbing sexist? Can women ever perform at the level of the top men - in the Alps or on the boulders? How can male climbers be educated about women's issues without crying FEMINIST!!!! Will we ever have a female CEO of the BMC? Should a mother climb? In a climbing marriage with kids how come it is the woman who doesn't get to go out climbing?"

On Sunday 23 November at 4.00pm at the Kendal Mountain Festival such questions and many more will be discussed in a round table event, A woman's place? when Lucy Creamer will join Steph Davis, Zoe Hart and Karen Darke in a panel chaired by Louise Thomas to talk with the audience about issues relating to women and climbing. Run along the lines of 'Any Questions?'.

YOU can put your own questions to the panel in advance by posting them on this forum topic.

Some women highlights at Kendal Mountain Festivals include:

• Au Dela des Cimes: Catherine Destivelle
• Free Solo and Base: Steph Davis
• A Year in the Life of an Alpine Princess: Zoe Hart
• If You Fall: Karen Darke
• Chasing Glaciers: Zoe Hart

Full details and tickets:

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