Half A Million Climbs Logged by UKC'ers

You hear it now and again from certain forum heads, "They are all armchair climbers", or "What do they know? None of them climb."

Not so of course.

Nick Smith,'s designer and webmeister reports:

"Today we reached half a million logged climbs on the database, with a lead of West Rib at Dinas Mot:

Started in 2000, is still ahead with 850,000 logs, but we have overtaken who have 350,000 logs, and with only 175,000 logs.

We are nearly doubling in size every 12 months, and growing at more than twice the rate of Will we reach 1 million in 2009?"

There are now details of some 88,000 different climbs from all over the world:

And all that despite the bloody weather.

Climb on!

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