Kendal Festival - Best Yet? Even Dawes has something to say!

The Kendal Mountain Festivals are imminent, beginning on 12th November and running until the 20th. There's lots to look forward to, nine days of unparalleled mountain entertainment. The film listing looks particularly impressive this year, you can review the film list here.

But there's a lot more than films, you can enjoy art exhibitions by John Beatty, JIm Curran, BIll Birkett and the Kendal Photo Competition (look out for some entries by climbers including Jamie Moss and Colin Wells). The book festival is the biggest it has ever been with appearances by Robert Macfarlane, Lord Smith, Conrad Anker, Ed Douglas, Terry Gifford, Stephen Venables, Simon Yates and joint winners of the Boardman-Tasker, Jim Perrin and Andy Cave. The beer and socialising is particularly good too.

The festival is split between the Brewery Arts Center and the Leisure Center in Kendal, and Rheged. Tickets are available online here. contributor, acclaimed photographer and author, Gordon Stainforth has put together a very ambitious project, The Crux, that aims to celebrate the whole history of British climbing in just 25 classic photographs from 1880 onwards. This has already stimulated debate on the forums including a contribution from Johnny Dawes. Directors, Andy Hyslop and Alan James will be in attendance chaperoned by some gnarly ex-pat. Word is that if you approach them and you are a registered user at (18,829 climbers) they'll buy you a pint.

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