New Channel 4 series - Xtremists

A new 3-part series on Channel 4 starts this Thursday (18 Sep) at 10pm. Ben Pritchard from Slackjaw Film was a cameraman on Xtremists, "The mad, bad and dangerous world of the adrenaline industry." Unfortunately, there's no actual climbing in the programme, but there is 'rock crawling', where contestants drive a big car as fast as possible up a cliff, plus there's awesome footage of the 'land divers' of South Pentecost and Verbier Extreme - the biggest event in the snowboarding calendar. Slackjaw have a few other projects near completion, including One Winter, a film about Airlie Anderson, a film of Andy Kirkpatrick and Ian Parnell on the Dru and footage from the Devon Deep Water Soloing Festival, which will be aired on the new Sky channel SCUZZ TV this month.

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