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The 82 4,000m UIAA Summits of the Alps ticklist

contributed by DigitalSteak Sep/20

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Mont Blanc summit 404 4,810m Haute-Savoie
Mont Blanc de Courmayeur summit 11 4,748m Haute-Savoie
Dufourspitze summit 40 4,634m Valais
Nordendspitze summit 13 4,609m Valais
Zumsteinspitze summit 46 4,563m Valais
Signalkuppe summit 85 4,554m Valais
Dom summit 47 4,545m Valais
Liskamm Ostgipfel summit 39 4,527m Valais
Weisshorn summit 26 4,506m Valais
Täschhorn summit 19 4,491m Valais
Liskamm Westgipfel summit 32 4,479m Valais
Matterhorn summit 120 4,478m Valais
Picco Luigi Amedeo summit 1 4,460m Aosta Valley
Mont Maudit summit 77 4,465m Haute-Savoie
Parrotspitze summit 50 4,432m Valais
Dent Blanche summit 61 4,357m Valais
Ludwigshöhe summit 62 4,341m Valais
Nadelhorn summit 113 4,327m Valais
Corno Nero summit 48 4,322m Valais
Combin de Grafeneire Summit summit 24 4,314m Valais
Dôme du Goûter summit 95 4,304m Haute-Savoie
Lenzspitze summit 29 4,294m Valais
Finsteraarhorn summit 30 4,274m Valais
Mont Blanc du Tacul summit 260 4,248m Haute-Savoie
Grand Pilier d'Angle summit - 4,243m Haute-Savoie
Stecknadelhorn summit 27 4,241m Valais
Castor summit 110 4,223m Valais
Zinalrothorn summit 56 4,221m Valais
Hohberghorn summit 27 4,219m Valais
Vincent-Pyramide summit 61 4,215m Valais
Pointe Walker summit 18 4,208m Haute-Savoie
Alphubel summit 109 4,206m Valais
Rimpfischhorn summit 42 4,199m Valais
Aletschhorn summit 15 4,195m Valais
Strahlhorn summit 53 4,190m Valais
Combin de Valsorey Summit summit 21 4,183m Valais
Pointe Whymper summit 11 4,180m Haute-Savoie
Dent d'Hérens summit 16 4,171m Valais
Breithorn Occidentale summit 250 4,164m Valais
Breithorn Centrale summit 17 4,159m Valais
Jungfrau summit 58 4,158m Bern
Bishorn summit 64 4,153m Valais
Breithorn East summit 34 4,139m Valais
Combin de la Tsessette Summit summit 5 4,134m Valais
L'Aiguille Verte summit 31 4,121m Haute-Savoie
Aiguille du Diable summit 8 4,114m Haute-Savoie
Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey summit 4 4,112m Haute-Savoie
Pointe Croz summit 8 4,110m Haute-Savoie
Pointe Carmen summit 10 4,109m Haute-Savoie
Mönch summit 88 4,107m Bern
Gemeli del Breithorn summit 17 4,106m Valais
Grand Rocheuse summit 5 4,102m Haute-Savoie
Barre des Écrins summit 76 4,101m Hautes-Alpes
Pointe Médiane summit 11 4,097m Haute-Savoie
Pollux summit 125 4,092m Valais
Schreckhorn summit 21 4,078m Bern
Roccia Nera summit 24 4,075m Valais
Pointe Chaubert summit 10 4,074m Haute-Savoie
Mont Brouillard summit 1 4,069m Aosta Valley
Pointe Marguerite summit 8 4,065m Haute-Savoie
Corne du Diable summit 9 4,064m Haute-Savoie
Ober Gabelhorn summit 28 4,063m Valais
Gran Paradiso summit 268 4,061m Aosta Valley
Aiguille de Bionnassay summit 34 4,052m Haute-Savoie
Piz Bernina summit 28 4,049m Graubünden...
Gross Fiescherhorn summit 25 4,048m Valais
Punta Giordani summit 27 4,064m Valais
Pointe Hélène summit 7 4,045m Haute-Savoie
Gross Grünhorn summit 26 4,043m Valais
Lauteraarhorn summit 6 4,042m Bern
Aiguille du Jardin summit 2 4,035m Haute-Savoie
Dürrenhorn summit 19 4,035m Valais
Allalinhorn summit 251 4,027m Valais
Hinter-Fiescherhorn summit 13 4,025m Valais
Weissmies summit 269 4,023m Valais
Dôme de Rochefort summit 27 4,015m Haute-Savoie
Dôme de Neige des Écrins summit 69 4,015m Hautes-Alpes
Dent du Géant summit 159 4,013m Haute-Savoie
Pointe Baretti summit 1 4,013m Aosta Valley
Lagginhorn summit 180 4,010m Valais
Aiguille de Rochefort summit 91 4,001m Haute-Savoie
Les Droites summit 13 4,000m Haute-Savoie
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