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All the boulders ticklist

contributed by ChrisBrooke Nov/18

Starred boulders in the Peak Rockfax, at crags I can be bothered to visit, at grades I can, or should aspire to climb. Should keep me busy for a few years. Will keep adding to it as I explore new areas.

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Note: Only showing summits, scrambles, winter routes, and low grade climbs

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
New York, New Yorkf6B ***62?Stanage North
Chip Shop Brawlf7A+ ***4312mStanage North
Cock 'O The Rockf7A ***52?Stanage North
The Buckstone Dynof7B ***156?Stanage North
D.I.Y.f6B ***2378mStanage Plantation
Silk Startf7A+ **159?Stanage Plantation
Help the Agedf7A+ **1116mStanage Plantation
The Stormf7B+ ***98?Stanage Plantation
Breadlinef6C ***130?Stanage Plantation
Crescent Arêtef5+ ***16465mStanage Plantation
Big Airf6C ***123?Stanage Plantation
Not to be Taken Awayf6C ***10486mStanage Plantation
To Be or Not to Bef7A+ **134?Stanage Plantation
Adults Onlyf6B+ **119?Stanage Plantation
The Aniston Slapf6C **161?Stanage Plantation
Brad Pitf7C ***187?Stanage Plantation
Satinf7A ***347?Stanage Plantation
Glass Hourf7A ***432?Stanage Plantation
Steep Traversef6C ***775?Stanage Plantation
Captain Hookf7B *400?Stanage Plantation
Zippy's Traversef7B **529?Stanage Plantation
Jerry's Finishf6C **559?Stanage Plantation
Rose and the Self-employed Business Manf7A+ **64?Stanage Plantation
The Green Traversef7A ***1499?Stanage Plantation
Smear Testf6A+ ***1055mStanage Plantation
Deliverancef7B+ ***599?Stanage Plantation
Help the Youngf7A+ ***233?Stanage Plantation
Brass Monkeysf7C ***175?Stanage Plantation
Cave Eliminate Startf6A+ ***13?Stanage Popular
Finale Directf6A+ **33?Stanage Popular
The Cornflakef6C+ **207?Stanage Popular
A Case of Mistaken Identityf7B ***77?Stanage Popular
Hamper's Hangf7A+ ***257?Stanage Popular
Round the Hornf6B **188?Stanage Popular
The Flying Arêtef7A+ ***70?Higgar Tor
Quintessential Higgarismsf7A *168?Higgar Tor
Sickf6A **294?Higgar Tor
Pissf7B ***252?Higgar Tor
Shitf7B+ ***98?Higgar Tor
Hemlinef7A+ **137?Higgar Tor
Witness The Gritnessf7A **106?Higgar Tor
Famous Grousef7B+ **118?Burbage West
Breakfastf7A ***581?Burbage West
West Side Storyf7B+ ***263?Burbage West
Jason's Mono Problemf7A *157?Burbage West
Middle Traversef6B **83?Burbage West
Go Westf6A **639?Burbage West
The Nosef7A ***516?Burbage West
Rocket Manf7B+ **64?Burbage West
Mermaidf7A ***381?Burbage West
Little Rooff6B+ ***418?Burbage West
Wobble Blockf6B+ ***233?Burbage West
Definitive 5.12f6C **180?Burbage North
Banana Reversef7A ***187?Burbage North
Banana Finger Directf6C ***522?Burbage North
Banana Fingerf6A ***17108mBurbage North
Little Brown Thugf6C+ ***72?Burbage North
Life in a Radioactive Dustbinf6C ***134?Burbage North
All Quiet on the Eastern Frontf6A+ ***4086mBurbage North
Small is Beautifulf7A ***1948mBurbage North
The Hanging Ribf6B ***651?Burbage North
Remergence Startf6B ***557?Burbage North
Blind Date Startf7B+ ***124?Burbage North
Cleo's Edgef5+ ***529?Burbage North
Safe Betf6C ***102?Burbage North
The Terracef7C ***261?Burbage North
Boyagerf7A+ **220?Burbage North
Monochromef7B ***237?Burbage North
Nicotine Stainf6B ***2336mBurbage North
Nicaretef5 ***65?Burbage North
Velvet Crabf7A+ **130?Burbage North
The Ribf7B+ ***66?Burbage South Edge
Desparêtef7B ***54?Burbage South Edge
Triangle Wallf7A ***92?Burbage South Edge
The Alliancef7A ***115?Burbage South Edge
Classic Arêtef6C **84?Burbage South Edge
Bad Attitudef6C **141?Burbage South Edge
The Attitude Inspectorf7A ***331?Burbage South Edge
Electrical Stormf7B ***164?Burbage South Edge
Pebble Mill Traversef7A+ **70?Burbage South Edge
7 Ballf6C ***277?Burbage South Edge
Little Gemf7A **67?Burbage South...
The Sheepf7A ***333?Burbage South...
Panzerf6B+ **219?Burbage South...
Tigerf6B **639?Burbage South...
The Harder Sidef7A **236?Secret Garden
The Easier Sidef6B **157?Secret Garden
Zaff's Problemf7B **61?Secret Garden
Beach Ballf7A **360?Secret Garden
Secret Garden Traversef6B ***35?Secret Garden
Davidf7B *41?Mother Cap and...
Conan the Librarianf6B+ ***544?Mother Cap and...
Thin Wallf6A+ **46?Mother Cap and...
Spider Crack Sit-startf7A+ *56?Over Owler Tor
Green Death Startf6C ***77?Millstone Edge
Technical Masterf6B ***563?Millstone Edge
Keyhole Traverse 1f6C ***14?Millstone Edge
Seventies Style Wallf6B+ ***58?Millstone Edge
Ape Drapef6C+ **192?Froggatt Edge
Oedipus Startf6B ***211?Froggatt Edge
Joe's Arêtef6B ***462?Froggatt Edge
Old King Cascadef7B **168?Froggatt Edge
The Art of White Hat Wearingf7B ***1057mCurbar Edge
Trench Flakesf6B+ **122?Curbar Edge
Art of Japanf6C ***3128mCurbar Edge
The Ultimate Gritstone Experiencef6C ***390?Curbar Edge
Late Junctionf7B **230?Curbar Edge
Bad Lipf7A *618?Curbar Edge
Gorilla Warfaref7A ***1200?Curbar Edge
Early Doorsf7A+ ***589?Curbar Edge
Original Warfaref7B **49?Curbar Edge
Strawberriesf6B **1422?Curbar Edge
Tracksidef7A ***1585?Curbar Edge
Sidetrackf7A *163?Curbar Edge
Sean's Arêtef7B ***94?Curbar Edge
The Walnutf6B **232?Baslow Edge
Flatworldf7B+ ***97?Baslow Edge
For a Few Beagles Moref7B ***57?Baslow Edge
A Beagle Too Farf6B **128?Baslow Edge
The Beagle Has Landedf7A ***84?Baslow Edge
Mark's Roof Left-handf6C+ ***672?Gardom's Edge
Mark's Roof OriginalV6 **316?Gardom's Edge
Mark's Rooff7B ***316?Gardom's Edge
Soft on the Gf7B ***214?Gardom's Edge
Kidneystonef7B ***151?Gardom's Edge
Bin Laden's Cavef7A ***186?Gardom's Edge
Suavitof7B ***175?Gardom's Edge
China in Your Handsf7B+ ***38?Gardom's Edge
G-Thangf6B+ ***318?Gardom's Edge
Spine Left-handf6B ***6284mRobin Hood's Stride
The Spinef4+ ***763?Robin Hood's Stride
Jerry's Arêtef7A ***182?Robin Hood's Stride
The Cave Problemf7A **787?Robin Hood's Stride
The Blob's Eliminatef7A+ ***98?Robin Hood's Stride
Dry Wit in a Wet Countryf7A ***344?Robin Hood's Stride
Razor Rooff6C ***1157?Cratcliffe Tor
RZA Rooff7A+ **147?Cratcliffe Tor
T Crackf7B ***318?Cratcliffe Tor
Jerry's Traversef7B ***228?Cratcliffe Tor
Hermit's Cave Traversef6B ***107?Cratcliffe Tor
Brain Deadf6B+ ***138?Cratcliffe Tor
No Huecof6C **97?Cratcliffe Tor
Wishf7A+ ***98?Cratcliffe Tor
Brad's Ribf7A+ **36?Stanton Moor
Brutal Arêtef7B ***42?Stanton Moor
Brad's Arête 'The Presence of Absence'f6C+ ***156?Stanton Moor
Andle Stone Wallf7B ***57?Stanton Moor
The Yoghurt Hypnotistf7B ***174?Rowtor Rocks
Blood Fallsf7A+ ***268?Rowtor Rocks
My Applef7A+ ***30?Rowtor Rocks
Pat's Rooff7A ***6?Rowtor Rocks
Domesf7A+ ***109?Rowtor Rocks
Short Sean's Reachy Rooff7A ***278?Rowtor Rocks
Hard Arêtef7A+ ***196?The Five Clouds
Four Lionsf7B **21?The Five Clouds
Trustf7A ***269?The Five Clouds
Persistencef6B ***195?The Five Clouds
Finger of Fatef6B **978mThe Five Clouds
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