Little Wyvis Walking

Though overlooked by its bigger namesake, this Corbett is arguably just as good a viewpoint, its proximity to the east coast giving it a different feel to the hills that make up the skyline further west. With a 4WD track from road to summit, the route described here is easygoing, giving a quick hill hit when you lack time or inclination for anything more involved.

The easy track makes for a quick descent  © Dan Bailey -
The easy track makes for a quick descent
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NH4020863910 Cross the old stone bridge above the impressive cascades of the Black Water river, and briefly follow the footpath parallel to the main road. Cross the road at a bend (with care) and go up the driveway immediately opposite. Take a left branch through a gate and past a works yard. Stay right at the next junction and follow the track uphill as it doubles back on itself. Cross a burn, pass a dilapidated shed, and then a big barn.

NH4075364050 Go through a gate in a deer fence, then take the right fork at the next junction. The track now begins to climb more determinedly, zigzagging uphill towards a forested area. Up by the trees, go through a heavy metal gate, and turn left.
The Fannaichs from Little Wyvis  © Dan Bailey -
The Fannaichs from Little Wyvis
© Dan Bailey -, Jan 2022

NH4184263986 Stay with the track as it heads northeast through the woods. At the next junction go straight on (the right turn is for the Bealach Beag). On the 500m contour, just above the woods, ignore a less-travelled track that heads straight ahead, and stay with the main route as it turns hard right.

NH4223764635 A series of zigzags lead up the steep western slope of the hill. As the angle eases you'll reach yet another track junction; stay right here and stick with the stony track as it ascends east-southeast before curving north-northeast. A final kink east and then north brings you out onto the broad summit, which is marked by a cairn.
For a small peak, it's got a massive summit view  © Dan Bailey -
For a small peak, it's got a massive summit view
© Dan Bailey -, Jan 2022

NH4295964485 While it's possible to make a circular route, the most direct and straightforward descent is back the way you came.

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