Ben A'an Walking

A distinctively craggy mountain-in-miniature, Ben A'an is a great little viewpoint in the forested heart of the Trossachs, and justifiably popular. With a lot of scenery for only a relatively modest effort, it's an ideal hill walk for families.

Heading for Ben A'an  © Dan Bailey -
Heading for Ben A'an
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NN5094907016 Cross the road and take the obvious track uphill into the trees. Soon reach an area of felled forestry - it looks stark now, but the plan is to reforest this area with native trees. The rocky cone of Ben A'an is already visible ahead.

NN5053907930 The slope eases off briefly, and the path enters an area of more mature broadleaf woodland. Soon the trail cuts right to climb towards the gap to the east of the craggy summit cone. It's a steep, rocky ascent, but short-lived. Continue beside the burn to leave the woods and loop around the north side of the summit. A final short ascent brings you to the knobbly top.
Some people just don't know how to take their hills seriously  © Dan Bailey
Some people just don't know how to take their hills seriously
© Dan Bailey

NN5021608189 The high point is a nice little slabby rock outcrop, with a stunning view over Loch Katrine. The more observant might spot the fact that Ben A'an is really just an offshoot of the higher but otherwise nondescript summit behind (don't feel obliged to go there - I certainly haven't). Return the way you came.

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