Peak Bouldering

Author Adrian Berry and Alan James
Published Rockfax (2023)
ISBN 978-1-873341-98-8



Digital Update – We have concentrated on the print edition and, unlike with most of our recent books, we won’t be releasing a Rockfax Digital update at the same time as the print book appears. A complete update, including over 1000 additional problems on minor crags and buttresses, will appear later in September.

Great variety of crags and easy access makes the Peak area the country’s destination for boulderers. The main attractions are the superb and world-famous gritstone edges that stretch from Wimberry in the northwest, through the Eastern Edges and the Central Gritstone, and on to Staffordshire. The bouldering on offer on these is immense and varied, sometimes on the edges themselves, sometimes on the blocks dotted around beneath the crag. There is also some intense and dramatic limestone bouldering in the leafy dales.

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Crags covered by this Guide
Derbyshire crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Bamford Edge 360 Gritstone SW
Baslow Edge 300 Gritstone W
Birchen Edge 329 Gritstone SW
Black Rocks 266 Gritstone NW
Black Tor 56 Gritstone NE
Blackwell Dale 186 Limestone ?
Bradley Edge and Quarry 215 Gritstone N
Chatsworth Edge App Exclusive 132 Gritstone NW
Clifftop Boulders 105 Gritstone W
Cratcliffe Tor 265 Gritstone all
Curbar Edge 702 Gritstone W
Dobb Edge App Exclusive 23 Grit (quarried) SW
Doll Tor App Exclusive 69 Gritstone SW
Dovestone Tor 175 Gritstone W
Duke's Seat Buttress App Exclusive 83 Gritstone SW
Eagle Tor 58 Gritstone all
Froggatt Edge 529 Gritstone W
Gardom's Edge 455 Gritstone W
Harborough Rocks 110 Limestone S
Harland Edge 94 Gritstone SW
Kinder Northern Edges 423 Gritstone N
Kinder Southern Edges App Exclusive 416 Gritstone S
New Mills Torrs 149 Gritstone S
Nuda's Tartan 60 Limestone ?
Rabbit Warren App Exclusive 30 Grit (quarried) SW
Raven Tor (Miller's Dale) 323 Limestone SW
Rheinstor 38 Limestone W
Robin Hood's Stride 159 Gritstone all
Rowtor Rocks 136 Gritstone all
Shining Cliff App Exclusive 165 Gritstone S
Stanage North 677 Gritstone W
Stanage Plantation 858 Gritstone SW
Stanage Popular 751 Gritstone SW
Stanton in the Woods 139 Gritstone NW
Stanton Moor 139 Gritstone all
Stoney Middleton 487 Limestone W
The Hurkling Stones (Rock Ahoy) 15 Gritstone S
The Wheelstones (AKA Coach and Horses) 21 Gritstone all
Tideswell Dale App Exclusive 72 Limestone all
Tintwistle Knarr App Exclusive 99 Grit (quarried) S
Turningstone Edge 181 Gritstone E
Upper Matlock Quarries 136 Grit (quarried) SW
Water-cum-Jolly 502 Limestone S
Greater Manchester crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Hobson Moor Quarry 118 Grit (quarried) SW
Wimberry Rocks 261 Gritstone N
South Yorkshire crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Back Tor App Exclusive 66 Gritstone all
Bell Hagg 158 Gritstone N
Burbage North 552 Gritstone SW
Burbage South Edge 315 Gritstone NW
Burbage South Quarries 114 Grit (quarried) NW
Burbage South Valley Boulders 191 Gritstone all
Burbage West 86 Gritstone SE
Carl Wark App Exclusive 64 Gritstone NE
Higgar Tor 219 Gritstone SW
Houndkirk Tor App Exclusive 44 Gritstone SW
Millstone Edge 290 Grit (quarried) W
Mother Cap and Quarry 70 Gritstone all
Over Owler Tor 61 Gritstone NW
Rivelin Edge 228 Gritstone S
Rivelin Quarries 161 Grit (quarried) S
Secret Garden 55 Gritstone SW
The Ox Stones 8 Gritstone S
The Sheepfold App Exclusive 7 Gritstone ?
Wharncliffe Crags 615 Gritstone W
Staffordshire crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Dimmings Dale 144 Sandstone (soft) all
Gib Torr 44 Gritstone NE
Newstones and Baldstones 156 Gritstone E
Ousal Dale 190 Sandstone (soft) all
Peakstone Inn Amphitheatre App Exclusive 101 Sandstone (soft) all
Ramshaw Rocks 275 Gritstone SE
Roaches Lower Tier 338 Gritstone SW
Roaches Skyline 338 Gritstone SW
Roaches Upper Tier 310 Gritstone SW
The Five Clouds 131 Gritstone SW
Threapwood Woods 51 Sandstone (soft) all
Wolf Edge 59 Gritstone SE
Wright's Rock Area 231 Sandstone (soft) all

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