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Tragic accident in Rjukan

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 SturlaS 29 Mar 2020

One person is still missing after an avalanche in the area Trappefoss/Juvsøyla in Rjukan. The missing person is a male ice climber in his 40s from Oslo.

The missing person's climbing partner was the one who notified the emergency services just before 5pm Saturday. It is believed that this person was higher up when a mixture of snow, ice and rock came down the gully.

A total of 60 people from various emergency services participated in the rescue operation, which was concluded at 3:30am Sunday. The police is now planning the search for a suspected dead person.

Please show respect to the friends and family of the missing climber.

Source: https://www.norsk-klatring.no/sikkerhet/skredulykke-i-forbindelse-med-isklatring-i-rjukan

 SturlaS 02 Apr 2020

The dead climber was found today and has now been transported out of the area.

The accident is probably due to huge rocks falling down from the mountain above the gully. The rocks have brought snow and ice down the gully. The deceased was belaying his climbing partner which was climbing the first pitch.

The Norwegian Climbing Association will make an accident report.


 SturlaS 06 May 2020

The accident report has now been published (in Norwegian): https://klatring.no/nyheter/2020/05/rapport-fra-dodsulykke-pa-juvsoyla-rjukan

The conclusion is that the rock fall was not caused by the climbers. Unfortunately, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.