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Lochnagar Aberdeenshire
Wednesday 13th
Central Buttress (Winter) (II) 2 ascents
Transept Route (V 6)
Tuesday 12th
Central Buttress (Winter) (II)
The Black Spout (I) 2 ascents
Creag Meagaidh Highland
Friday 15th
Staghorn Gully (III)
South Pipe Direct (IV 4)
The Wand (V 5)
Wednesday 13th
The Sash (II)
The Wand (V 5) 2 ascents
Tuesday 12th
Raeburn's Gully (I)
Staghorn Gully (III)
Bidean nam Bian - Stob Coire nan Lochan Highland
Friday 15th
Twisting Grooves (IV 5)
Tuesday 12th
Moonshadow (IV 5)
Bidean nam Bian Highland
Friday 15th
West Chimney (V 7)
Aonach Eagach - Sgorr nam Fiannaidh Highland
Tuesday 12th
Aonach Eagach Ridge (Winter) (II)
Beinn Eighe Highland
Wednesday 13th
Fuselage Gully (II)
Carn Mor Dearg Highland
Friday 15th
Carn Dearg Meadhonach East Ridge (Winter) (II)
Mullach nan Coirean Highland
Friday 15th
Ramp Route (II)
Ben Nevis Highland
Friday 15th
Castle Ridge (III)
Gutless (IV 5)
Walking Through Fire (VII 7) 2 ascents
Thursday 14th
Isandhlwana (V 5)
Ledge Route (II)
Roaring Forties (V 5)
South-West Ridge (IV)
Carn Mor Dearg Arete (I)
Wednesday 13th
Castle Ridge (III)
Tuesday 12th
Isandhlwana (V 5)
North East Buttress (IV 5)
Point Five Gully (V 5)
Zero Gully (V 4)
Glovers Chimney (III 4)
Tower Face of the Comb (VI 6)
Green Gully (IV 3) 2 ascents
Stringfellow (VI 6)
Cairn Gorm - Stob Coire an t-Sneachda Invernesshire
Tuesday 12th
Fingers Ridge (IV 5)
Fiacaill Ridge (II) 2 ascents
Hidden Chimney Direct (IV 5)
Twin Ribs (II)
Geal Charn Invernesshire
Tuesday 12th
Hanging Ramp (II)
Cairn Gorm - Creag an Leth-choin (Lurcher's Crag) Invernesshire
Friday 15th
Shapeshifter (VIII 8) 2 ascents
Wednesday 13th
Rottweiler (VI 7) 2 ascents
Beinn Alligin Ross & Cromarty
Wednesday 13th
Being Alligin Complete Ridge Traverse (I/II)
Caerketton Hill Midlothian
Friday 15th
Left Gully (I)
Wednesday 13th
Right Cleugh (Right Fork) (I/II)
Tuesday 12th
Right Cleugh (Right Fork) (I/II)
Crib Goch Gwynedd
Tuesday 12th
Crib Y Ddysgl - Crib Goch Traverse (Winter) (I)
Dow Crag Cumbria
Friday 15th
'C' Ordinary Route (Winter) (V 5)
Helvellyn Cumbria
Tuesday 12th
Swirral Edge (I)
Striding Edge (Winter) (I)
Mam Tor Derbyshire
Friday 15th
The Sisters of Mercy (Winter) (I/II)
Mam Tor Gully Direct (II)

#saissc SC 16.01.21 Unstable windslab on W through N to E aspects above 900m. Fragile Cornices! The avalanche hazard will be Considerable.
Fri Jan 15 16:53
#saisnc NC for 16/1: Windslab will develop on NW-N-NE aspects above 950m. Also W and E aspects due to cross loading. Avalanche Haz Moderate.
Fri Jan 15 16:41
#saisgl GC for 16/1/21. Fresh unstable windslab on W-N-NE aspects above 800m overnight and also E-SE above 1000m later. Moderate hazard.
Fri Jan 15 16:36
#saislo LO for 16/01. A stormy day. Unstable windslab on NW to N to E aspects above 900m where avalanches are likely. Considerable hazard
Fri Jan 15 16:32
#saiscm CM for 16/01/21 Poor stability W through N to E aspects above 800m during and after snowfall. Considerable Hazard.
Fri Jan 15 16:28
#saisto TOR for 16/1 Mod bonded windslab, above 850m, NW thru N to NE aspects, steep locations. Elsewhere good stability. Av Haz Moderate.
Fri Jan 15 16:21
#saislo LO for 15.1 Localised windslab on W-N aspects above 900m. During day new windslab on NW-NE aspects. Hazard Moderate
Thu Jan 14 16:27
#saisnc NC for 15.1: Unstable windslab, steep NW to NE aspects above 950m. Localised on W and E aspects. Fragile cornices. Considerable Haz.
Thu Jan 14 16:24
#saisgl GC for 15/1/21. Generally soft, unconsolidated, stable snow. Localised windslab on SW-W-N aspects above 800 metres. Moderate hazard.
Thu Jan 14 16:19
#saisto TOR for 15/01 Instabilities, steep areas windslab, W thru N to NE aspects, mainly above 800m. Old snowpack stable. Av haz Moderate
Thu Jan 14 16:16
#saiscm CM for 15/01/21 Mod hazard. Moderately bonded windslab will persist on NW through N to NE aspects above 850m.
Thu Jan 14 16:11
#saissc SC 15.01.2021 Moderately bonded windslab on NW to NE aspects above 800m. Fragile cornices present. Avalanche hazard - Moderate.
Thu Jan 14 16:02
#saisnc NC for 14/01. Windslab developing on W through N to NE aspects above 950 metres. Elsewhere generally stable. Moderate Hazard.
Wed Jan 13 16:39
#saissc SC 14.01.21 New unstable windslab will form in lee locations on NW to NE aspects above 600m. The avalanche hazard will be Moderate.
Wed Jan 13 16:33
#saislo LO for 14.1 New unstable windslab will form all period, mainly on W-N-NE aspects above 900m. Older snowpack frozen. Haz Moderate
Wed Jan 13 16:29
#saiscm CM for 14/01/21 Some new windslab will develop on NW through N to NE aspects above 800m, otherwise good stability. Moderate Hazard
Wed Jan 13 16:26
#saisto TOR for 14/1 Existing snowpack stable. Fresh mod bonded windslab, sheltered steep W to N aspects above 800m. Av Haz Moderate.
Wed Jan 13 16:20
#saisgl GC14/01 Light snow variable winds old snow very icy unstable windslab sheltered gullies+N-E slopes850m+cornices weak hazard Moderate
Wed Jan 13 16:16
#saisgl GC13/1 Cold dry with new snow later. Snowpack hard, icy pockets windslab forming later W-N slopes and gullies900m+ Hazard Moderate
Tue Jan 12 16:30
#saislo LO for 13/1. Snow in afternoon. Unstable windslab forming on W to N aspects above 900m during the afternoon. Moderate hazard.
Tue Jan 12 16:28