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Phil Tucker - on 07 Jan 2018
I have the Heavy Water guide but wondered whether it was worth buying the new guide before our upcoming trip ( I was given a book token for Christmas). From the write up it appears to have 50 additional routes compared to Heavy Water however I wondered if people had an idea on the following:-

Are there any new areas?

Of the 50 new routes what proportion are WI4 or less.


Big Lee - on 07 Jan 2018
In reply to Phil Tucker:

I wouldn't bother if you already have the Rockfax as both are fairly similar. A lot of the additional routes are at cragging areas like Gausta and Kroken rather than new areas or multipitch. From the descriptions it's fairly obvious that some of these were lifted from the UKC logbook. There's one new outlying area from memory but it doesn't look somewhere that's likely to see many visitors.

I was a bit disappointed that there's been virtually no grade adjustment from the first guidebook despite '+' grades being introduced.
brunoschull - on 08 Jan 2018
In reply to Big Lee:

Hi--any idea where the new guide book is available to order? I don't have Heavy Water, and I have been looking for a guide for Norway.

OK, thanks,

Big Lee - on 08 Jan 2018

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.